React js vs. Angular js vs. Vue js

The question is often asked by budding companies who want to build complex web applications. React js, Angular js, and Vue js are popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries with pre-written codes that make web developers' jobs easy while writing code.

According to a survey by Stack Overflow, most developers choose React js over Angular and Vue js, with an astonishing 40.13% using React js, followed by 22.96% choosing Angular and 18.97% choosing Vue javascript.

 Stack Overflow

React js is used by over 11 million websites in 2022, whereas more than 2 million websites use Vue js, and 109k websites use angular js.
Popular social media platforms using React js include Facebook, Netflix, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Reddit. Big Angular js companies include Gmail, Forbes, Microsoft office, Up Work, Deutsche Bank, Overleaf, and Samsung. In addition, companies like Alibaba, Xiaomi, Adobe, Git Lab, Behance, and Grammarly use Vue media platformsWith rising internet users, companies always rely on new software technologies for creating exceptional user interfaces and web apps. React, Angular, and Vue js are the three most prominent java frameworks which provide the best coding tools.

In this article, we will compare all three frameworks, discuss the pros and cons of the framework, and help you choose the best framework for the web application.

React js vs. Angular js vs. Vue js - Table of Content

What is React JS?

  • React, React.js, or React JS is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library used for building attractive and efficient user interfaces with the usage of User interface components.
  • React Js was developed by Meta (Facebook) along with other developers when the developers thought their Document Object Model (DOM) was slow. The initial release of React.js happened on May 29, 2013.
  • We state an example of how Facebook uses React.js. Let us consider you have an account on, and you liked the photograph of your friend without reloading the page. This is because react js works especially on the view layer in the Model, View, and Controller (MVC) pattern, in which the viewer gets the data from the model and presents it to the user. The only thing concerned with React.js is its state management. This can also be solved with support from additional libraries.

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What is Angular JS?

  • Angular.js is a discontinued free; open-source JavaScript framework used mainly to develop single-page web applications. Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons were two persons who developed Angular.js in 2008-2009, which Google now maintains with its initial release on October 20, 2010.
  • Angularjs normally uses Model, View, and Controller (MVC) model patterns for developing new web applications.
  • With the use of Angular.js, developers have to split their application into three components in MVC and then need not write code to connect all three components of MVC. Moreover, the entire process is automatically done by AngularJS, unlike other frameworks where a developer always wants to update the model and view layer to remain in sync with one another, thus saving a lot of time and hard work. The only difficulty of Angualr.js is that the framework is difficult to learn and not built for mobile devices. Moreover, when the viewers cross more than 2000, the user interface is slow in Angular.js.

What is Vue JS?

  • Vue JS is a free and open-source model-view-view-model front-end JavaScript framework for building attractive and efficient user interfaces. Vue Js was created and maintained by Evan You, and the initial release happened in February 2014. Vue Js is the most widely used library nowadays as Vue supports big technology giants like Chrome, Safari, Adobe, Grammarly, Firefox, etc., and is compatible with almost all libraries.
  • View normally uses the Model, View, and Controller (MVC) model pattern for developing single- page web applications. However, Vue.js focuses more on the view layer, similar to React.js, and automatically updates the state changes to the Document Object Model (DOM).

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React VS Angular VS Vue JS:

1. Features:

React JS offers developers to write HTML structures in the same file using the JavaScript Syntax Extension. Data flow is unidirectional; It uses virtual DOM. When a state change occurs, it modifies only the object in the real DOM. Testing can be done faster and smoothly in React JS as it has large community support.
AngularJS features include two-way data binding, a POJO model, a user interface built with HTML, and an MVC pattern for building web applications; Debugging can be made quickly with Angular as Angular chooses Typescript programming language.
The feature of Vue JS follows component-based architecture similar to Angular and React JS. As a result, Vue JS is the fastest framework for building attractive web interfaces. The framework is easy to install, and you can complete the work in minutes; Vue JS offers two-way data binding.


2. Use Cases:

Use cases of React.js include:

  • Cross-platform apps.
  • Apps require rapid development and deployment.
  • Extending the functionalities of existing apps.

Use cases of Angular.js include large-scale, real-time, and scalable applications.Uses cases of Vue.js include applications in lightweight apps, intuitive apps, and apps targeting early market entry.

3. Performance:

React.js and Vue.js provide faster performance for users as they use virtual Document object models, unlike Angular.js, so when the view layer is modified, the new DOM compares it to the virtual DOM.

4. Data Binding:

Angular.js and Vue.js use two-way data binding, whereas React.js has one-way data binding.

5. Scripting Language:

React is a component-based java script+JSX; Angular.js is based on a javascript framework that extends HTML features, whereas Vue is built on standard HTML, CSS, and javascript frameworks.

6. Testing:

Testing in React.js done by JEST. Unit testing is the best way to identify the bugs early in app development. This saves the overall time and cost of the app development. For example, if a react project is not built on create-react-app, the developer has to install the babel-jest and react babel packages.

Add the following syntax in


Module. exports = {

Presents: [‘@babel/preset-env’ ,


Testing in Angular is done using Jasmine. First, Jasmine tested and fixed the bugs for front-end and back-end development. Next, the developer can test the code using Angular CLI to run the ng test, which initiates the karma test runner and outputs the results.

Jasmine is also used to test react app, but we need to install the following six different packages with the below command:

Yarn add –dev 
@babel/core \
@babel/register \
react-app \
cross-env \
m \

Testing in Vue.js is done using the command Vue-test-utils, and Jest and Mocha-Web pack are the test runners for Vue.js.

I'm using the Mocha-Web pack configuration to develop a Vue web pack project.

npm install vue
npm install
–global vue-cli
vue init webpack
vue-testing cd

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7. Community Support

React.js is used by a multinational company like Facebook, whereas Google maintains angular.js. In addition, Vue.js is newly built, and its community support is less than React.js and Angular.js.

8. Growth Curve:

The growth curve is exceptional as react and Angular.js is developed and maintained by big companies. Vue JS is also gaining immense popularity in the past few years.

9. Popularity:

React and Vue.js are more popular frameworks as they employ virtual DOM, thereby making the developer's job easy to identify the state changes, according to a report issued by Stack overflow.

10. Architecture:

When speaking about the architecture, angular provides the developer with all possible features like templates based on HTML, Ajax requests, Encapsulation of CSS components, and Dependency

React.js offers only the view layer, and the developer has to construct the model and controller layer.

Vue.js, on the other hand, Vue.js is concerned only with the view model layer and creating interactive web interfaces.

11. Ecosystem:

The open-source model is used to build all three frameworks. In addition, these open-source frameworks provide many tools and libraries for easy bootstrapping a project and developing new apps.

Advantages of Angular:

If you want to develop a smart application with less effort, then Angular is the best javascript framework you can use. The following are the advantages of Angular.js:

Two-way data binding:

There is no need to manually update the model and view pattern when data is changed or modified, as Angular automatically updates the data changes. This is known as Two-way data binding.

Reduce external dependencies by employing the POJO model:

Angular has a Plain Old Javascript Objects (POJO) model, so a developer need not depend on external frameworks for coding. We can build smart applications with the POJO model as it requires less coding.

Testing is easier:

Testing is an essential part of the Angular framework and can be done easily with the help of dependency injection. However, all the javascript code must undergo a series of testing processes.

Declarative user interface:

The angular.js influence HTML code and reduce time in designing the program flow. The user has to map out the needed program, and the rest of the work is done by the framework, as Angular gives users complete freedom to design their user interface.

Easy to debug & Cost effective:

Developers can build web apps within budgetary constraints using the Angular framework, as it provides sophisticated features and services that assist a company in staying within the budget.

Disadvantages of Angular:

We have seen the advantages of angular let us take a look at the disadvantages of angular that, include:

Take a lot of time in learning:

If you are a beginner in learning angular, then it may take some time to understand the features and functionality of angular. However, slowly and steadily, you can learn the framework.

The Command line interface is lacking major details:

Some users report inconvenience when dealing with the command line interface (CLI).

Limited search engine optimization (SEO) options:

Angular is mostly built on client-side rendering, making it difficult for search engine web crawlers to see the application's content and structure. This problem can be solved by using Angular universal.

Angular is verbose and difficult:

Many developers often find that Angular provides more code than needed, making beginners figure out what is important.

Advantages of React:

React is the most prominent javascript framework that is highly in use. Using React.js, developers can build effective user interfaces that improve the app's speed. Here are some of the advantages of react.js:

Learning React.js is quite easy:

React.js is easier to learn as it has provided good training resources and tutorials that guide developers to build apps quickly.

Reusable components:

React.js is built on multiple components, and each component has its logic and controls. These components let users reuse small code when developing new apps. Hence, you can develop and maintain the app quicker and easier.

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Improves the performance with virtual DOM:

React JS developed virtual DOM as it enables the declarative API of react. Virtual DOM syncs the virtual form of a user interface with the real DOM, helping developers write code easily.

SEO friendly:

Many developers often face issues in dealing with SEO as traditional java script frameworks have trouble reading java script applications. This is solved with the help of React JS virtual DOM.

Disadvantages of React:

Poor Documentation:

React continuously upgrades itself to newer versions and needs more time for documentation.

Use of JSX:

React js is installed with a javascript extension to make the code more readable, but some new learners need help understanding how the javascript extension works.

Handling SEO:

Many developers often raise concerns regarding React JS indexing of web pages, while this may be fine as Google stated that web crawlers can now read the dynamic content.

The higher pace of development:

The React JS framework is developing faster, making it difficult for users to learn the updates for now and then.

Advantages of Vue:

Vue framework is known for building smart and efficient web apps that follow model-view-view-model (MVVM) architecture. The following are the advantages of Vue JS:

Simple to do front-end development:

Vue JS reduces the burden on developers in writing code as it automatically links the data to the document object model, thus helping create simple and elegant web apps.

Component-based architecture:

Vue JS follows component-based architecture similar to Angular and React JS, and the front-end code is divided into individual components. Furthermore, these individual components are bound to web apps, reducing the need to create separate files for CSS and HTML elements.

Two-way data binding:

Vue JS offers two-way data binding, saving a lot of time and cost in bugging and testing.


Vue JS is the fastest framework for building attractive web interfaces. The framework is easy to install, and you can complete the work in minutes.

Disadvantages of Vue:

The main disadvantage of the Vue framework is it is entirely built in the Chinese language. The following are the disadvantages of Vue:

Lack of scalability:

Vue has a limited number of developers, so a large project cannot be built on Vue, as immediate assistance is unavailable when needed.

Lack Of Plug-ins:

Vue has fewer plugins making developers switch to other languages.

Difficulties with mobile support:

Old versions of ios may need help with Vue JS applications.


We hope our article on "React JS vs. Angular JS vs. Vue JS" has given insights into how each framework runs and what framework to choose for specified applications weighing the pros and cons of the three frameworks. So, here is the end of our writing.

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According to reports from NPM trends 2022, most users choose React JS over angular, and Vue Js, as React, uses virtual DOM.

Most learners say Vue is easier to learn than Angular and React JS.

React JS is a constantly growing framework with many developers building useful web apps as it follows a community-driven approach.

React outstand Angular as React is compatible with other libraries and uses virtual DOM. In comparison, Angular is good for building complex apps.

Analyzing the job prospects, React JS developers are in full demand as many companies want to hire React.js software developers.