React JS vs Vue JS

Javascript has now evolved to be one most in-demand and reliable frameworks to create web apps. Developers now have the option to choose from a variety of frameworks and the selection needs to be done based on the project requirements. ReactJS and VueJS are the two tough competitors of Javascript frameworks in the market along with others. It is hard to pick out of the two, as both are efficient and have features that make a developer’s life simple and easy. Both frameworks are utilized for designing the UI and also can work with the root library. Both have similarities, Hence selecting one becomes more difficult. Let us understand in detail each of the technologies to make a better decision!

What is React JS?

React is an open-source platform. It is a front-end Javascript library that is used to build UI 

(User Interface) of the web applications. It is only responsible for the view layer in the application. The declarative Paradigm is used by React to make it easy to reason about the application and thereby achieve flexibility and efficiency. When the data in the application is modified it will efficiently be updated and will render the right component. React is made of many components. Each component can be used independently and can also be reused again. Thus making it one of the preferred choices for developers.

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What is Vue JS?

Vue Js is a framework of Javascript that is also used to build the UI ( User Interface) of the applications.  It has features that are required for front-end development. It is useful for building SPA (Single Page Application). It can also be used for desktop and development of mobile applications. The architecture of Vue.Js is adaptable and focuses on declarative rendering and also component composition.  VueJS permits the extension of HTML with the help of attributes called Directives. 

Though VueJs is similar to React JS. Both have unique features that distinguish one from the other. Let us explore the differences!

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Differences Between Vue.JS vs React.Js

1. License

  • Vue JS: It is licensed under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  • React JS:  ReactJs also is licensed under MIT

2. Development

  • Vue JS: An individual author name Evan You developed Vue JS
  • React JS:  A group of community developers and Facebook together developed ReactJS 

3. Component

  • Vue JS: To build various components Vue JS uses templates.
  • React JS: React JS uses JavaScript XML files as a component format.   

4. Architecture

  • Vue JS: It has an adaptable architecture for numerous complex features
  • React JS: It manages to support various state management libraries for complicated features  

5. Open Source

  • Vue JS: It is an open-source framework available free of cost
  • React JS: It is also an open-source framework  

6. Features

  • Vue JS: Progressive web applications can develop using Vue JS
  • React JS: Mobile applications and single-page applications can be developed using ReactJS  

7. Released

  • Vue JS: It was officially released to the public in the year 2014.
  • React JS: It was officially released a year  before  Vue JS i.e the year 2013

8. Community

  • Vue JS: As mentioned early it was created individually
  • React JS: Though Facebook developed the library, it was community driven.

9. Scalability

  • Vue JS: It supports Cascading style sheets ( CSS) in Javascript by writing CSS code inside the Javascript
  • React JS: It can support Cascading style sheets by including a script file in the JS file or by bringing in component

Features of ReactJS

  • ReactJS is simple and easy to understand as it makes the code easy for debugging and has few lines of code. Since it is component-based, the code can be reused again. 
    • ReactJS makes use of virtual DOM ( Document Object Model) and upgrades only the changed parts. Thereby making it run faster. 
  • ReactJs can have numerous extensions that can be used to develop a full-fledged User Interface for applications.
  • ReactJs helps to divide the components into many small parts. Each small part can be treated as a component. This makes it easier and also runs faster.
  • The data is Reactjs flows in a single direction. This helps the user to keep the data fast and also modular.

Features of Vue JS

  • Data binding characteristics of Vue JS help to assign values to the attributes of HTML, assign class, and Change the style,  with the assistance of v-bind.
  • In Vue JS modifications are not made in DOM, instead, Javascript data structures are created that are replicas of DOM.
  • The components in Vue Js help in creating custom elements that can be reused in HTML.
  • For listening events in Vue.Js, the DOM elements add an attribute known as ‘V-on’
  • To perform numerous actions in the front end it has directives built in such as v-bind, v-model, v-show, v-else, and others.
  • A Vue router is used to navigate between the pages.
  • Watchers are used for the data that changes. For instance, in Input elements the user need not add any events, a watcher will take care of everything and also simplify the code and make it run faster. 

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Use cases of Vue.Js

  • Google Careers: It is an HR portal built in Vue which hosts numerous job opportunities, interactive content, and others. 
  • Alibaba: is an eCommerce which is focused on wholesale trading to millions of people across 190 countries. Thousands of users exchange messages with their suppliers daily via the platform. It uses Vue to make the process more efficient.
  • Netflix: Netflix needs no introduction. It is one of the popular streaming applications with a variety of movies and series that can be watched on demand. The platform also uses Vue to run its application.
  • Upwork: Upwork is a platform that connects freelancers and also businesses via thousands of projects ranging from content to admin help.
  • Give Directly: Give Directly is the first application and also the largest non-profit organization which allows donors to send money directly to affected people from poverty. To achieve the organization's goals quickly the company uses Vue.js for its frontend development.

Use cases of React.Js

  • Instagram: Instagram is the most popular social media application with an active user base of 2 billion using React. This framework was created by the developer's team to make Instagram faster on Android and OS. It was not easy to implement this and therefore they started with building the Push notification attribute again.
  • Uber Eats:  UberEats was started by the parent company in the year 2014. ReactJs has been its technology right from the beginning. The objective was to develop a flawless process flow between the customers and restaurants with the help of React and the knowledge of developers at Uber.
  • Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is one of the popularly known restaurants founded in the year 1958. It is one of the top restaurants that serve pizza. They rebuilt their website using React.Js to improvise its customer experience.  The reason for using React was to fasten the process of ordering pizzas, thereby increasing business sales and becoming the market leader in the segment.
  • TwitteLite: The engineering team of Twitter has confirmed that the light version of the mobile apps is built with the help of React. JS. Using React has made the application run faster, improved responsiveness, and more reliable.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb is famous for the property rental marketplace which is also built using the framework of React and React Native. React Native was used later in the year 2016 when Airbnb’s experience feature was launched.  As of 2021, Airbnb’s 20% of the cost is still written using React Native.

Pros of React JS

  1. React is Easier to learn: ReactJs comes with a lot of documentation, training resources, and tutorials. Developers who have a Javascript background will be able to understand and create a web application using ReactJs in a few days. 
  2. It is a simple framework: React UI is one of the best and simple frameworks for web development. The vast library of templates and components can be customised as per the need of the user. It has a user-friendly interface. The user can control the application with the help of MUI features.
  3. Code Reusability: A web application of ReactJs has multiple components. Every component contains a logic of its own. These components are then responsible for generating a small piece of code of HTML that can be used again. It helps to make the application easy to develop and also maintain.
  4. Data flow in one direction: It means that the data flow only in one single direction when transferred from one part to another. The data of the parent is called props. The data can only be transferred from the parent to the child and cannot be done vice versa. This also means that the components of a child cannot be modified and updated on their own. The data can also be controlled by the user.
  5. Good for SEO: Traditionally Javascript frameworks had an issue dealing with SEO. Search engines face problems in reading heavy applications, JavaScript. ReactJs has helped to overcome this problem. It helps developers to easily navigate all the search engines. This has become possible because React.JS applications can run on a server and the virtual Document Object Model will not only render but also return to the browser as a web page.

Pros of Vue JS

  1. Small size: Vue  The framework of Vue.js is small. Unlike other frameworks in the market, Vue.Js is merely 18-21kb in size which is like four times lesser than Jquery.  Because of its small size, it can be downloaded within a fraction of a minute. Being lightweight is not only beneficial for the application’s development but also the performance. 
  2. Easy to understand and develop:  Vue.Js enables the developers to use a few coding lines and achieve efficiency. Only basic knowledge of  Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Popular code editors sublime text and atom support Vue and that is the reason most developers prefer Vue for development.
  3. Simple Integration: Vue.Js can easily integrate with all other frameworks like Angular or React and can be customised as per the project requirements. Since the integration can be done easily the popularity of Vue.Js is growing at a faster pace. Also, because of MVVM architecture, handling blocks of HTML is no longer difficult.
  4. Flexibility: Vue.Js is not only flexible but also scalable.  This means it can be used for both huge applications and Single Page Apps (SPA). It can also be used to construct a small and interactive part that can be integrated using a separate technology.
  5. Detailed Documentation: Documentation is an important aspect while using a framework. Detailed documentation will help the user be easy to use and it will also be easy to fix the bugs.  The documentation of Vue.js is comprehensive. You will have to know the basics of CSS, HTML, and JS to start using the framework. Also, the documentation is always updated with recent changes.
  6. The Facility of Two-way communication:  With the help of this feature the user can speed up HTML block handling. Vue.Js also supports one-way communication to help work with various components.

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Hope you have now understood the difference between React JS and Vue JS.  Both frameworks are unique in their way. If you are new and are looking to choose one and let me tell you Vue has a smoother learning curve compared to React but React is more popular than Vue.Js. It would be very difficult to comment on which one is better than the other. If you are looking to build a large application, opting for React JS is better as it will provide ease for development.  To build a simple application with documentation and also easy integration Vuejs is preferred. Therefore, it will ideally depend on the project’s requirements of the developer. 

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If we consider Google trends and Stackoverflow, React is more popular than Vue whereas on Github Vue overtakes React. This means both are popular.

Vue is a good choice if you are a new developer and also not acquainted with the advanced Javascript concepts. On the other hand, if you are an experienced developer working with Object-oriented Javascript and related concepts, React should be your choice.

Each framework is unique and is an excellent choice for different types of applications. Hence it would be difficult to predict if Vue would replace React.

Yes, Vue is faster and smaller compared to the other frameworks. It also contributed to better performance.