React JS Roadmap

Among the top JS libraries for creating front-end or GUI web apps is React JS, also known as React. React JS, sometimes referred simply as React, is a component-centric GUI development library supported by Facebook Design that has expanded by significant amounts in the past few years. React stands out from all the different front-end frameworks despite the availability of many others such as Vue and Angular. This is perhaps because it only concentrates on component-centric GUI creation and would not encroach into other domains. For instance, the comprehensive Angular framework comes with many features pre-installed, including Dependency Injection, Hooks, Routing, dealing with forms, HTTP requests, i18n presence, and a stong module structure with simple lazy-loading.

Step by Step Process of React JS Roadmap

React is an excellent choice if you currently have libraries for doing those things or if you don't need them at all. However, understanding React can be challenging, primarily when you are new to web development.

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Let’s go step-by-step about what needs to be done to master ReactJS. So, let’s get started, shall we?

React JS Roadmap

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Irrespective of the web development library or framework you wish to learn, you must be familiar with the fundamentals. By fundamentals, we mean HTML, CSS, and JS, which together form the three cornerstones of web development.


Given that it establishes the framework for a web page, it is among the primary components and the most crucial skills for anyone aspiring to become a web developer.


CSS is employed for the styling of web pages so that they seem appealing and is the second pillar of web development.


This represents the 3rd most important part of web development and it is employed to add interactivity to your web pages. It also serves as the driving force of the React framework, therefore you should be quite familiar with JavaScript before beginning to master React JS.

Development Skills

It makes no difference if you are a full-stack software engineer, a backend developer, or a front-end developer. Here is a summary of a few of the broader development skills you'll need to know in order to succeed in the realm of programming.

Learning GIT

In 2022, you must be well conversant in Git. Understand how to import code from Github to your preferred IDE, try setting up some of the repositories on GitHub, and exchange your code with others.

Understanding HTTP(S)

You must be quite familiar with HTTP if you wish to work as a web developer. While we don't expect you to comprehend the specification, you must at the very least be acquainted with the GET, POST, PUT, and more standard HTTP request methods and how HTTP/HTTPS functions in general.

Understand the Terminal

Even if a frontend programmer is not required to understand Linux or the terminal, we strongly advise you to become comfortable with it and set up your shell (bash, zsh, or csh), among other things.

Data Structures and Algorithms

However, while not necessarily essential to become a React developer, it is among the general programming abilities that must be acquired in order to qualify as a programming expert in initial time.

Software Architecture and Design Patterns

Similar to DSA, knowing design patterns is not necessary for becoming a React developer, however, you will benefit greatly from doing so. Design patterns are experimented answers to common issues that arise during the software development process. Understanding them can assist you in coming up with a plan that will work for you in the long run.


This goes without saying that to become a React developer, you must thoroughly understand React. The official React website is the best resource, but if you're just starting out, you might find it somewhat daunting. So, you may also take help from free courses available on the internet.

Build Tools

Invest a while to become acquainted with the tools you would use as a web developer, such as build tools, unit testing tools, debugging tools, etc., if you desire to become a competent React developer.

For beginners, understanding npm and webpack should be sufficient. It's not necessary to master all of these tools. You can investigate alternative technologies once you have a better knowledge of web development and the React Ecosystem.

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Learning a little bit about styling will be beneficial for you if want to work as a front-end developer for React. Despite the fact that the Roadmap makes several references to things like CSS Architecture, CSS Frameworks, CSS Preprocessors, and CSS in JS.

We advise you to at least become familiar with Bootstrap, the most important CSS framework you will occasionally use.

Additionally, if you want to take it a step further, you may learn Material UI in addition to learning Bootstrap.

State Management

Another crucial aspect that a React developer should concentrate on is this one. The following are the concepts that you must learn and grasp:

  • Component State
  • Redux
  • Redux Thunk
  • Redux Observable
  • Helpers
  • React Hooks
  • Rematch
  • Reselect
  • Redux Phoenix
  • Data persistence
  • Redux Persist
  • MobX
  • Redux Form

Type Checkers

As JavaScript isn't a strongly typed language, a compiler cannot be used to detect malicious type-related flaws.

Through type-checking, you can find many flaws as your app develops, particularly if you're able to type-check your entire application using JavaScript extensions like TypeScript.

React has several built-in type-checking capabilities, while you are not required to utilize them; mastering them can help you find errors earlier.

Form Helpers

In addition to Type Checkers, learning Form Helps, which offers the best method for managing your form state in Redux, is a fantastic idea. You can also view Formik in addition to Redux Form.


The core of React's strong declarative programming paradigm is its routing components, which are a crucial component of every application.

A set of navigational components from React Router can be declaratively assembled with your application.

React Router works anywhere React is presenting, whether you require URLs that you can bookmark for your web app or a modular navigation system in React Native.

You could also explore Router 5, Redux-First Router, and React Router in addition to React-Router.

API Clients

Nowadays, it is uncommon to create an isolated GUI. Rather, there is a higher likelihood that you will develop something that interacts with other applications using REST and GraphQL APIs.

Utility Libraries

Your job will be easier once you get your hands on these libraries. The following list of useful libraries is available to React developers:

  • Lodash
  • Moment
  • Ramda
  • RxJS
  • classnames
  • Numeral


Currently, this is a crucial skill for React developers that is sometimes disregarded, but if you wish to remain one step ahead of the pack, you must concentrate on understanding libraries that will aid in testing. Libraries for unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing are also available here.

End-to-End Testing

  • Selenium, Webdriver
  • Cucumber.js

Integration Testing

  • Karma


It is yet another crucial area for the development of the front end, which is widely employed. For countries in Europe like Spain, China, and Japan, you might have to support the regional GUI version.

The following technologies are recommended to learn:

  • React Intl
  • React i18next

Each of these libraries offers React components as well as an API for formatting dates, numbers, and texts, including managing translations and pluralization.

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Server-Side Rendering

Prior to actually discussing the library that allows server-side rendering with React, let's address the question of what the distinction between client-side rendering and server-side rendering is.

Your browser downloads a basic HTML page when client-side rendering is used. The JavaScript is subsequently rendered, and the content is added.

As opposed to server-side rendering, which renders React components on the server and then sends the finished HTML content to the client or browser.

Static Site Generator

A contemporary static site generator called Gatsby.js can be used to make customised, logged-in experiences website. Your data is combined with JavaScript to produce well-formed HTML output.

Backend Framework Integration

It offers Server rendering, which is something that rails/webpacker do not and is frequently used for indexing by SEO crawlers and UX performance.


The ability to construct mobile applications in JavaScript that have a native appearance and feel with React Native is yet another domain where mastering React may be quite helpful.

The following libraries should be learned, according to the Roadmap:

  • React Native
  • Cordova/PhoneGap


Additionally, there are React-based desktop GUI frameworks like React Native Windows that let you create native UWP and WPF apps.

Virtual Reality

There are frameworks like React 360 that let you create engaging 360 and VR interactions with React if you're interested in developing applications dependent on virtual reality.

What are the prerequisites to learning React?

Programming concepts like functions, objects, arrays, and, to a slightly lesser degree, classes, should be known to you. JavaScript should be something you know the basics of. You ought to be somewhat knowledgeable about HTML and CSS.

Following are some of the prerequisites we suggest you get your hands on:


The cornerstone for all front-end developers is HTML and CSS. Therefore, ensure that you are familiar with HTML and CSS coding before beginning to master ReactJS.

Node Package Manager

JavaScript apps are installed and managed using the Node Package Manager. NPM installation is as simple as Node.js installation. The uploaded file is stored in the NPM registry.

Basics of JavaScript and ES6

JavaScript is among the most challenging languages for programmers to understand. JavaScript is a prerequisite for mastering ReactJS. React uses JavaScript a lot more than other front-end technologies do. A standard for scripting languages like JavaScript, ActionScript, and JScript is called ECMAScript2015 or ES6. It was initially created as a means of standardizing JavaScript.

JavaScript XML(JSX) and Babel

JavaScript XML (JSX) and Babel JSX are JavaScript with an HTML twist. JSX, a syntax extension of JavaScript, is used to create React elements. Therefore, using HTML code with JavaScript in this manner is recommended.

JavaScript files that contain HTML-like text can be converted to regular JavaScript artifacts using the Babel JavaScript compiler.

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is a front-end UI framework that offers a robust grid (container, row, and col) architecture and pre-made UI components, making it simple for ReactJS developers to quickly design stunning user interfaces.

Git and CLI

Git (version control), which enables developers to save their projects on GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab, is another prerequisite for programmers (Code hosting platform). It makes it possible for programmers to cooperate and work together in addition to tracking and hosting different project file versions.


ReactJS is unquestionably the most prominent library among front-end developers, and it is becoming more and more well-known every day. It is quick, adaptable, and simple. We are able to create reusable user interface components by handling the view layer for web and mobile apps with its assistance. For beginners, learning ReactJS is going to be a pleasant experience because it expands the potential of JavaScript.

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You will break down things that need to be learned into phases. These things are the ones that you must know to have a career in ReactJS.

The foundational web technologies that are necessary to master React are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. React is entirely written in JavaScript and uses a syntax similar to HTML called JSX to create the user interface components.

After learning React, you can opt to master more tools. Tools that let developers operate on the server side, or back end, of websites, are included in this. These tools, including Node. js, Express. js, and MongoDB, are introduced in this post along with instructions on how to get started learning them.

Because of its virtual DOM implementation and rendering improvements, React is stronger than Angular. React's version migration is also very simple; unlike Angular, you don't have to install updates one at a time. Furthermore, React gives developers access to a vast array of pre-existing solutions.

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