Linux shell scripting training

HKR Trainings provide the Unix shell scripting certification training- here you learn the basic structure of the shell, Unix, input/output redirection, layers of architecture and more. HKR Trainings exposure to the real-time work application.

Linux Shell Scripting Certification Training

Why should I learn?

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Linux Shell ScriptingTraining Highlights

30 Hrs Instructor-Led Training

Learn on your own timeline

Master Your Craft

Real-world & Project Based Learning

Lifetime LMS & Faculty Access

24/7 online expert support

Access to an online community forum

Customised course creation

Linux Shell Scripting Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with Linux Shell Scripting Certification Training Ccertification course.

Linux Shell Scripting Course Objectives

  • Description of shell structure and it’s environment Discussion of features of fundamentals of bash scripting
  • Creating interactive scripts
  • Architectire and it’s layers
  • Exposure to Real-time applications

• Developer/testers • Project analytics manager

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Linux Shell ScriptingTraining Options

We follow four training formats for the flexibility of our students.

Live Online Training
Live Online Training
  • » Interact live with industrial experts.
  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.
1:1 Live Online Training
1:1 Live Online Training
  • » Dedicated Trainer for you.
  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.
Self-Paced E-Learning
Self-Paced E-Learning
  • » Get E-Learning Videos.
  • » Learn Whenever & Wherever.
  • » Lifetime free Upgrade.
Corporate Training
Corporate Training
  • » Customized Training.
  • » Live Online/Classroom/Self-paced.
  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.

Linux Shell Scripting Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Review of Basics - optional
  • Shell Programming
  • Special Characters and Variables
  • Creating Menus
  • Selection
  • Iteration, Looping
  • Sub-scripts and Functions
  • Advanced Commands
  • Advanced Edit — vi & sed
  • Text File Processing - awk


• Objectives

• Course Schedule

• Course Introductions

• Pre-requisites

• Bibliography

• Delegate Responsibilities

• Course Summary

• Files

• Directories and Processes

• Displaying Directories - ls

• Getting Help - man

• Displaying Files - cat, more

• Simple Commands

• Piping - using | symbol

•Redirection - using > symbol

 • Redirection - using >> symbol

 • Redirecting Input - using < symbol

l • Redirecting Errors • Using /dev/nul

 • Foreground Jobs • Background Jobs - &

 • Stopping Jobs - kill • Special Files - . and ..

 • The Command Prompt - PS1

• Creating Aliases

 • Using Aliases

 • Command history

• Command Line Edit - using Arrow Keys

 • Command Line Edit - using vi

 • Customising the Shell

 • The Home Directory – HOME

 • The Working Directory – pwd

 • Changing Directories - cd

• Make Directory – mkdir

 • Remove Directory – rmdir

 • Interactive Copy - cp –i

 • Interactive Move - mv –

i • Interactive Remove - rm –i

 • Removing Directories - rm –r

 • Wild Cards - File Name Generation

 • Word count – wc

 • Finding Files – find

 • Finding Text in Files - grep, sort, cut, uniq, tr

 • Changing Permissions - chmod

• Creating Shell Scripts

 • Testing the Command

 • Creating the Script File

 • Adding Execute Permissions

 • Testing the Script

• Running the Script – time

 • Running the Script – dot

 • Running the Script – exec

 • Running the Script - ksh

• Debugging the Scrip

t • Passing Parameters

 • The read Command

 • Using read in Scripts

 • Choosing the Shell

 • Tidying The Output

 • Suppressing Input - stty

• Quotation Marks

 • Quoted Strings - ", '

 • Escape Character - *

 • Quoted Strings - `

• Using(...)

 • System Variables – set

 • Other Special Variables

• User Variable

s • User Variables – unset

• Variables in Scripts

 • Typeset Command

 • Integer Variables

• Special Constructs

Creating Menus

• Conditions – case

 • Creating a Menu

 • Iteration - while, until

 • Holding the Output – sleep

 • Holding the Output - dummy read

 • Ending the Script

• Ending the Loop

 • Hidden Option - forking a

• More on Interrupts

• Highlighting Text- tput

 • Positioning the Cursor - backtab \b

• Korn Shell Menu

• Conditional Testing

• Testing File Attributes

• Testing File Permissions

• Multiple Tests - Nested ifs

• Multiple Tests - elseif

• The NOT Condition

• Multiple Conditions in One Test

• Testing Strings

• Using Square Brackets

 • Avoiding Null Input

 • Testing Numbers

• More on case

• Displaying Variables

• Placing Spaces

 • Testing Commands

• Testing Commands

• Computations - let

• Iteration - while, until

• Infinite Loop

• Iteration - for

• More than 9 Parameters - shift

• Local and Global Variables

• Sub-scripts

• Export Command

• Exit Status

• Aliases

• Functions

• Useful Functions

• Return Status

• Manipulating Functions

• Functions in Scripts

• Debugging - set

• Setting - set

• Merging Files - join

• Merging Files - paste, basename and dirname

• Job Control - jobs

• Regular Expressions

• Global Regular Expression Printer - grep

• Expression grep - egrep

• Fast grep - fgrep

• Computations - expr

• Computations – bc, eval Command,

• Argument Processing

• getopts Command

• Using Arrays

• vi - Mapping Key Combinations

• Mapping Control Keys

• Using Abbreviations

• Editing Many Files

• Regular Expressions

• Global Insert

• Here document,

• Batch Stream Editor - sed, sed delete, -d, sed print, -p, sed suppress, -n, sed quit, -q, sed file, -f, sed Multiple Input, sed

• Find and Replace

• sed Example

• The awk Programming Tool

• Pattern Matching

• Regular Expressions

• Comparison Patterns

• Compound Patterns

• Range Patterns

• Special Patterns

• Built-in Functions

• Troubleshooting awk Scripts

• Passing Parameters

• Using Contains

• printf Function

• Computations

• Functions

• substr

• length

• Action Statements

• Control Flow Statements

• Arrays

• Arrays with for Loops

• awk Examples

Customize Your Curriculum

Linux Shell Scripting Certification

Certification plays an important role in achieving your dream job. It demonstrates that you have acquired all essential skills to handle the critical tasks in real-world with little or no assistance from your subordinates. Organizations are preferring to hire candidates with certifications and are offering huge salary packages.

We at HKR training help the learners in achieving appropriate certifications. Moreover, we also provide a course completion certificate for every course we offer. This certification shows that you are trained enough to handle real-time tasks and also sets you apart from the crowd. HKR certification is well recognized across all top MNCs and help you get into a job easily.

HKR Trainings Certification

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Linux Shell Scripting projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

Enroll for the growing demand for Certified Unix Shell Scripting professional course ✓30 Hrs Projects ✓Life Time Access ✓24 X 7 Support ✓Job Assistance.

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It was very good experience with HKR Trainings, I checked with other online trainings, found this is better. Overall Linux Shell Scripting course content & support were good. It's a life time access program. Study material is good which helps in gaining good in depth knowledge in Linux Shell Scripting course. Thanks for helping me.



It was really good to start getting trained on Linux Shell Scripting course from basics without having knowledge of technical background. This program helped me to learn start from scratch and in understanding the concepts better with simple exercises and assignments. I suggest HKR Trainings to build your career in Linux Shell Scripting.



I have done with my Linux Shell Scripting training recently and the way the courses are organised, depth of information was excellent. The self paced course content had helped me a lot in planning my learning timings out from work and sure that i have improved my knowledge on Linux Shell Scripting and its principles which i can apply. Thanks to HKR Trainings for providing me a such a great platform.

Linux Shell Scripting Course FAQ's

Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

Yes, we don’t assure 100% placement assistance. We are tied up with some corporate companies so when they have a requirement we send your profiles to them.

Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

Our trainers are real time experts who are presently working on particular platform on which they are providing training.

You can call our customer care 24/7

Max of the students get satisfied with our training, if you are not then we provide a specialised training in return.

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