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HKR trainings offers the most detailed Informatica training in Bangalore, allowing you to achieve this ETL tool as well as concepts like data integration, data warehousing, Informatica architecture, transformations, performance tuning, data migration, and so on. During the training period you will how to install, configure, and .....administer the tool, as well as test and monitor critical data with an auditable, automated, and scalable approach, deploy the workflow, manage the repository, and more.Get the most up-to-date Informatica certification course in chennai from industry experts by joining HKR trainings. Read more

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Informatica Course in Bangalore is one of the most adopted training in the ETL t.....ool, this is widely adopted by many organizations. There will be a huge demand for Informatica experts in the future years. Read more

Informatica cloud analytics market to be worth more than $23.1 billion in the ne.....xt two years. Companies like TCS, Goodwill technology, CTO and architect, Facebook, Instagram, and Google hiring Informatica developers. Read more

At the basic level, Informatica developer earns Rs. 6, 50,000, at an experienced..... professional earns Rs. 15, 00,000 as per the job source. Read more

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Informatica Training Chennai - Course Overview

Informatica, furthermore recognised as Informatica PowerCenter, is well-known for providing data integration services for companies. For the Data Integration process, the Informatica PowerCenter employs the ETL tool. Informatica, a software development company, provides Data Integration software and services to a variety of industries, including health care, financial, telecommunications, financial, and insurance services.

HKR trainings Informatica training in chennai will show you how to use the most in-demand tool while also providing you with all of the necessary skills in the areas of ETL and data storage. Informatica PowerCenter This course expands your knowledge of the middle level and development of PowerCenter objects, as well as the actual use of the Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, and advanced transformation concepts.You will get full assistance and real-time project support from professional experts during the training process. Enroll today at HKR trainings for accepting the new challenges to get the best Informatica course in chennai.

Informatica Training Chennai - Course Content Download Curriculum

A team of experts designed the Informatica training in the chennai course curriculum to optimize the learning process. The following modules contain all of the course information:

  • Overview of data warehousing,
  • Understanding the extract, transform and load processes,
  • Overview of the data aggregation, data scrubbing and data cleansing and the importance of Informatica PowerCenter ETL
  • Configuring the Informatica tool
  • How to install the Informatica operational administration activities and integration services
  • Understanding the difference between active and passive transformations
  • Exploring the highlights of each transformation
  • Exploring about expression transformation and connected passive transformation to calculate value on a single row
  • Different types of transformations like sorter, sequence generator and filter, the characteristics of each and where they are used
  • Working with joiner transformation to bring data from heterogeneous data sources
  • Learning about the ranking and union transformation, the characteristics and deployment
  • Learning about the rank and dense rank functions and the syntax for them
  • Understanding how router transformation works
  • Exploring the key features
  • Lookup transformation overview
  • Exploring the different types of lookup transformations: connected, unconnected, dynamic and static
  • Overview to SCD,
  • Processing in xml
  • Learn how to handle a flat file, list and define various transformations,
  • Implement ‘for loop’ in PowerCenter,
  • Exploring the concepts of pushdown optimization and partitioning,
  • Overview of constraint-based loading and incremental aggregation
  • Different types of designers: Mapplet and Worklet, target load plan, loading to multiple targets and linking property
  • Objectives of performance tuning,
  • Defining performance tuning and learning the sequence for tuning
  • Managing repository, Repository Manager: the client tool, functionalities of previous versions and important tasks in Repository Manager
  • Exploring the Common tasks in workflow manager,
  • Creating dependencies and the scope of workflow monitor
  • Define the variable and parameter in Informatica,
  • Exploring the parameter files and their scope, the parameter of mapping, worklet and session parameters, workflow and service variables and basic development errors
  • Session and workflow log, using debuggers,
  • Exploring the error-handling framework in Informatica and failover and high availability in Informatica
  • Configurations and mechanisms in recovery and checking health of PowerCenter environment
  • Exploring the different commands: infacmd, pmrep and infasetup and processing of a flat file
  • Fixed length and delimited,
  • Expression transformations: sequence numbers and dynamic targeting using transaction control
  • Dynamic target with the use of transaction control and indirect loading
  • Understanding incremental loading and aggregation and comparison between them
  • Various types of XML transformation in Informatica and configuring a lookup as active
  • Understanding what data profiling in Informatica is,
  • Exploring its significance in validating content and ensuring quality and structure of data as per business requirements
  • Understanding the database connection, creating a new database connection in Informatica and understanding various steps involved.
  • Working with relational database tables in Informatica,
  • Mapping for loading data from flat files to relational database files
  • Understanding how to deploy PowerCenter for seamless LinkedIn connectivity with Informatica PowerCenter
  • Connecting Informatica PowerCenter with various data sources like social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Pushdown optimization for load-balancing on the server for better performance
  • Exploring the various types of partitioning for optimizing performance
  • Understanding session cache,
  • Exploring the importance of cache creation,
  • Implementing session cache and calculating cache requirement
  • Summarize all the discussed points above

At HKR, we provide practice tests at the end of the course along with Informatica Interview Questions, Informatica Tutorial, Community Questions and Answers, Sample Resumes, etc to crack the interview.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

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Fast track your career growth with Informatica Training In Chennai Certification course.

Informatica Course In Chennai Objectives

This training will teach you the following core Informatica skills:

  • Explore the Informatica architecture and PowerCenter
  • Understanding about the deploying PowerCenter for handling jobs and tasks
  • Learn the concept of Informatica performance tuning
  • Explore the functionalities of the Repository Management tool
  • Understand about the SCD, XML processing, partitioning, and constraints
  • Learn about the ETL best practices using Informatica and Deploying Informatica Admin Console

The Informatica Training Certification offered in chennai was designed for professionals with and without work experience in any of the profiles below: 

  • Freshers / Officials from any field. 
  • Who wants to seek their career as a Informatica developer.
  • Business intelligence specialists
  • core framework managers
  • project management
  • professional development professionals
  • ETL and data storage professionals
  • Database developers

There is no specific requirement. Anyone interested in the Informatica course can join this course offered at HKR trainings in chennai. Basic knowledge of SQL, ETL is an added advantage.

To begin with the Informatica training course provided in Chennai, you must first locate the best institute which provides knowledge. Before enrolling in any training, seek advice from experts who have already completed the course. We at HKR trainings in Chennai, with a team of industry experts, are prepared to follow your dream career and help you get a job in the companies of your choice.

Once you have completed the entire course, including real-time projects and assignments, HKR trainings will provide course completion certification. This certification speeds up the process of finding work in any company in Chennai.

Our Chennai trainers are greatly experienced and specialized professionals with extensive industry experience and a technical background in Informatica.

Certification sets you apart from your non-certified peers, and it allows you to command the highest salary in Chennai's leading companies.

At HKR Trainings, we offer Informatica training in Chennai, as well as complete guidance to help you land your dream job. However, your job will be determined by your performance in the interview panel as well as the recruiter's requirements.

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We follow four formats for Informatica training Chennai for the flexibility of our students

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  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

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  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.

Informatica Certification

The Informatica course offered by HKR proves relevant to real business solutions in addition to being job-oriented. You will be eligible to crack the following advanced level Informatica certification exams. The following are the certifications.

Informatica developer certification

To make this certification exam, candidates should have programming knowledge on SQL, database, and file types.

Informatica power center data integration certification

For this certification exam, candidates should have experience with data migrations, data governance, and data warehousing.

Informatica big data certification

This test measures your competency as a developer utilizing big data to include basics such as application service, Hadoop, file parsing, data integration using developer tools.

Informatica Admin certification:

This exam measures your skills across installations and configurations, architecture, server management, security, and deployment.

Informatica p360 certification:

To make this certification exam, candidates should have a basic knowledge of software and project information management applications. No prior experience required.

When you finish the course, we will acknowledge everyone with a globally recognized course completion certificate.

HKR Trainings Certification

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Informatica Online Training in Chennai- Projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

Domain: Retail

Problem statement: Using Informatica PowerCenter, create a Retail Datamart. Use transaction and master data from OLTP (online transaction processing) system which is loaded into the data warehouse as Fact tables and Dimension tables.

You would need to retrieve data from many sources, manage current and historical data with SCD, import source, and target tables, and so on for this project. Extract the data and fetch it into staging. The data will subsequently be transferred from the operational data store to the enterprise data warehouse, where reports and insights will be generated.

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Excellent institute for informatica training in Chennai. The trainers were very knowledgeable and qu.....ickly cleared up any confusion I had. The ideal place to hone your skills. Thanks Read more

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