Top 10 HTML Projects for Beginners

Are you new to the programming world? Wanted to develop a web application? Then you need to get started with developing some static web pages. However aspiring web developers would choose to start with the basic web development skills like HTML and CSS. If you are having basic knowledge on HTML and willing to practise the concepts, we have provided you with some of the basic HTML projects that will provide you a delightful experience and provide you hands-on knowledge on HTML. So let's get started with What is HTML and proceed with the HTML Project Ideas.

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What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used for creating the structure of the web page. It provides tags and attributes that define the structure of the web page content. HTML documents include a series of elements that are enclosed in tags. These elements will define various components of the webpage like paragraphs, headings, tables, links, images, forms, etc. The tags are written in between the angle brackets ‘<’ and ‘>’ and are generally paired with opening tag and closing tag while some tags are self-closing. 

Example of a simple HTML document structure:


    Example Web Page



Hello People


This is the paragraph.

    An image

    Visit Example


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In the above HTML program the tags used indicate:

  • : This declaration defines the document type as HTML5.
  • : This is the root element that includes the whole HTML document.
  • : This tag indicates the head section of the document, that comprises meta-information, like the page title.
  • : This tag defines the title of the web page which is displayed  in the browser's title bar or tab.
  • : This tag defines the body section of the document, that includes the visible content of the web page.
  • : This tag defines the main heading of the page.

  • : This tag defines the paragraph text.

  • : The image tag displays an image on the page. It also uses the src attribute to provide the image file and the alt attribute to specify the alternative text for the accessibility.
  • : This Anchor tag is used to create a hyperlink. It also uses the href attribute to provide the URL to which the link points to.

HTML Projects for Beginners:

Personal Website: In this project you will be creating a personal website that showcases your profile, skills and other information about yourself. HTML will help you to structure the layout of the website, add headings, paragraphs, images and links. You can also use CSS for styling your personal website and make it visually appealing. You can use this project to showcase your HTML skills and other web development accomplishments.

Recipe Page: In this project you would be creating a stunning recipe page that can showcase your HTML, CSS skills. In this project use HTML for creating the structure for the instructions, ingredients and other related details. You can also add images, format the text and provide the links related to the cooking tips or recipe. You can also use your CSS skills like CSS layout grid for positioning the images on the Recipe page. You can even put a picture gallery with a sliding gallery to improve the appearance of the website. You can also make this website responsive and mobile friendly if you are interested in front-end web design.

Product Catalogue: In this project you would be creating a simple product catalogue page that will demonstrate the products collections. You can use HTML for creating a grid layout or list layout, add images related to the products, product description and their prices. You can also put separate links to the product pages or external websites for purchasing.

About me Page: In this page you would be creating an “About me” page in which you would be introducing yourself, provide your contact information and share your interest. You can use HTML to structure the web page content, add headings and paragraphs and images. You can even use CSS for styling the web page and making it visually appealing.

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Landing Page: This is one of the best projects if you want to develop a simple HTML project. In this project you would be creating a landing page for a simple product or a service. For that you would be creating a layout that would showcase the core features and benefits of the product or the service. If you want, you can even add a call to action buttons, testimonials and any other elements that enables the users to take action. For this landing page, you can also use CSS for styling your HTML elements. You can also experiment with the UX design aspects for this landing page.

Event invitation: This is another easiest HTML project for beginners in which you can experiment with your HTML skills. In this project you would be designing an event invitation page for a party that is static to display detailed information about the upcoming event. You can use HTML for creating a visually appealing layout. You can add event details, time, date, location, etc. You can even add images and videos related to the events. This project will help you to hone your skills in HTML and CSS.

FAQ page: This is one of the real world applications and is a great choice if you want to practise building the forms. In this project you would be creating a frequently asked questions page for a website or a product. You can use HTML for structuring the FAQs page in list format. You can even create a form container and use the div elements to separate it, use text fields, placeholders, etc. If you want you can even add the collapsible sections to show or hide the answers when you click. Doing this project can sharpen your web page skills with HTML and CSS. 

Blog Post: In this project you would be creating a blog post page that displays a blog post or an article. You can use HTML to structure the content, include headings, paragraphs, links and images. You can also add a comment section and social media sharing buttons with the help of third party tools. Like the other HTML projects you can even style the HTML web page  using CSS. This project can help you to practise your HTML and CSS skills.

Gallery page: This project is best for you if you want to build a HTML Project with source code focusing on the images. In this project you would be creating a portfolio gallery page  that will display your photography, artwork and design projects. You can use HTML for creating a grid or slideshow layout, include images, captions and links to every project page. You can also use CSS to style the gallery and include hover effects and make the page more beautiful. Doing this project will provide you handson experience on considering margins, padding, font size, image size, colour combinations, etc.

Contact Form: In this project you would be creating a contact form using which the users can send their inquiries or messages. You can use HTML for adding input fields for subject, name, mail id and the message/inquiry. You can also use validation to make sure that the form is filled correctly and finally add the submit button for saving the form data. You can also experiment and add additional features that can help you to enhance your HTML and CSS skills. 

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HTML is one of the popular web development languages that must be learned by every aspiring web developer. In this blog we have covered what is HTML and ten basic HTML projects for beginners who want to practise HTML and are willing to advance their career in the field of web development. Each of these projects can help you in a great way to hone your HTML skills. So whatever the reason it may be for you to learn HTML, learning HTML with Projects can help you to master the concepts providing you handson experience. You can even add these projects in your resume that will add weightage to your profile. We hope you found this blog helpful. For more such blogs, you can stay tuned to HKR trainings. Interested in Web development? Then visit 

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