PeopleSoft Architecture gives a complete overview of how the deployment of applications is done through browsers to the end-users. PIA is also known as server-centric execution architecture and it mainly requires different software and hardware elements to run your PeopleSoft applications. In this module, you will learn in detail about the working of the core elements in PeopleSoft Architecture.

  • A brief overview of PeopleSoft Internet Architecture.
  • Core components in PeopleSoft Architecture.
  • Third-party components.
  • Understanding of process scheduler server.

In this section, you will learn the step by step procedure to install PeopleSoft.

  • First, choose the PeopleSoft product you want to install.
  • Select the PeopleSoft application and its release version.
  • Determine the PeopleSoft PeopleTools that supports the application.
  • Install DBMS.
  • Install Web Server.
  • Install the Tuxedo and Jolt.
  • Installation of PeopleSoft Environment.
  • Installing PeopleSoft Database.
  • Set up the Configuration Manager.
  • Update the application release to match the PeopleTools release.
  • Set up the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture.
  • Set the process scheduler server.
  • Creation of Application server domain.
  • Creation of the Batch server domain.
  • Configure report distribution.
  • Install the change impact analyzer.
  • At last, troubleshoot an implementation

Security is considered as the core element in the PeopleSoft. It is the form of data security that is mainly used to restrict access to the particular rows of data in the PeopleSoft tables. Setting access permissions to various data fields is also a security measure that is implemented in PeopleSoft. The PeopleSoft Software offers various security features including PeopleTools and components to ensure that the employees' sensitive information does not fall in the wrong hands.

  • Component interface security.
  • Maintain securely the user profile, permission list, and roles.
  • Understand web library security, Security Audits, PeopleTools Security, and Query Security.
  • Various implementation options.
  • A clear understanding of PeopleSoft online security.
  • PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Security.
  • Manage system security, passwords, and logins.

Application Server is known as the main central element of the PeopleSoft. It processes all the business logic because this is the only place where all the pages run and the HTML is generated before being sent to the web server. PeopleSoft application server makes use of Tuxedo to perform distributed application computing.

  • Application Server Domain Overview.
  • Creation of Application server domain.
  • Domain testing
  • How to configure the Application Server Domain.
  • Gain knowledge of Oracle Tuxedo middleware product.
  • Gain expertise of the PeopleSoft Database Server.

The main role of the 2-tier client is to access the database directly. The application logic in the two-tier architecture is executed on the client machine by using the data it receives from the PeopleSoft Database. The client network conversation makes use of SQL to transmit the database calls.

  • Installation of Two-tier client
  • Client Configuration
  • Overview of two-tier client architecture.
  • Knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS).
  • Client/Server Network.
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