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As of 2020, we are living in a world of advancements in terms of technologies than traditional times. Dealing with large volumes of data, delivering the client requirements along with client satisfaction is one of the primary aspects which is considered by every organization these days. The organizations are much focused on the advanced level of security, security methods and techniques, firewalls etc. to ensure that the sensitive data is secured. Fortinet Fortigate Firewall is one of the next-generation firewalls, which is designed to serve the needs of security in any corporate or organizational based network. In this article, you will gain an understanding about Fortinet Fortigate, why it has to be used, its features and products available.

What is Fortinet Fortigate?

Fortinet Fortigate is often called as the Mid-Range Next-Generation Firewall that is responsible for providing its extensive support to the organizations through its high performance, improved visibility, along with the advanced security multi-layered protocol to protect from cyber-attacks. It is one of the enhanced firewalls that involves threat protection for any size of business organizations.

Fortinet Fortigate makes use of the purposely built security processors from Fortiguard, which is helping in delivering the protection and performance at a greater extent. Some Fortigate models are helping to satisfy any deployment requirement. As we all know that security is one of the critical components in the business world, the businesses will require a firewall that helps in protecting from the harmful traffic, protecting the data and preventing unauthorized access.

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The Fortinet Firewalls run on the FortiOS operating system, allowing integration with the other Fortinet Security products providing deeper visibility with highly scalable performance. In the current era of Living, we see that there is high traffic where there is a high need to simplify your network to minimize and protect from cyber attacks.

Why is Fortinet Fortigate used?

As per the advancements in the current technologies, volumes of sensitive data networks in the corporate field, it is easily understood that security is one of the important components that is evolving since the past. In order to meet the business requirements efficiently, the business should ensure that they can tackle and minimize the security threats that are causing issues. In the business environment, we deal with the whole business, and a single breach could be enough to create serious consequences that would affect the whole of the business in just seconds. 

A Fortinet Fortigate is flexible and compatible with providing you and the business with peace of mind that the business is protected from the latest threats. Fortinet Fortigate is responsible for protecting against most of the security threats like Spyware, Malware, Emails, intrusions, Pharming attacks, Phishing/Social engineering schemes, Instant messaging viruses, peer to peer networks, blended network attacks, etc.

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Features of Fortinet Fortigate

Fortinet Fortigate has come up with the features that turned out to be the best security platform in the business and corporate fields. Below are the features of the Fortinet Fortigate. 

Performance threat protection: Fortinet Fortigate has come up with some options like antivirus, web filtering, and application control to ensure that the business is not affected due to cybersecurity threats like social engineering and Malware. The performance level is considered to be high as most of the users are satisfied with the products. 

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Automated risk assessment: Fortinet Fortigate is responsible for maintaining an automated workflow and is also capable of handling the auditing features that helps in reducing or minimizing the burden of the IT Department. 

Security fabric integration: Fortinet Fortigate is responsible for sharing the security threats to the IT security infrastructure. This would help in providing a quick resolution along with automated protection. 

Security Ratings: Fortinet FortiGate utilizing the security measures by adopting the best practices with security ratings provided by Fortigate. This would enhance the satisfaction levels and suggest improvements as well. 

Critical application protection: Fortinet FortiGate has come up with a highly scalable segmentation and Ultra-low latency to protect the network segments from cybersecurity attacks. 

Enterprise-class security management: Enterprise-class security management feature in the Fortinet FortiGate allows you to manage security attacks irrespective of location.

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Fortinet fortigate Services

Let us have a quick review of Fortinet Fortigate Services: 

Fortiguard antivirus: The Fortiguard Antivirus is an enterprise antivirus solution which is designed to protect the company network devices from security attacks, malicious threats, viruses, spyware, and Malware. The Fortiguard antivirus is for wearing the feasibility and compatibility to ensure that the security technologies are updated within hours so that it can detect the threats immediately and quarantine them. Fortiguard antivirus works based on the hourly updates, control points using the multiple advanced detection engines. 

Fortiguard IPS: The Fortinet next-generation firewalls are providing the organization with the intrusion detection capabilities, it will help in detecting the advanced Malware, ransomware air, zero-day attacks and other related Malicious threats. Fortigate IPS service is helping the organizations in quickly detecting and blocking the network intrusions before attack or damage occurs. 

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Fortiguard Web Filtering: Fortiguard Web Filtering service in Fortinet Fortigate helping organizations and companies from accessing malicious or suspicious web content or websites that might put the company at risk. The organizations can automatically block the web content, which is of high risk to ensure that no malicious downloads are transferred or initiated to a company device. The web filtering services utilize the policy-based controls along with continuous updates, granular blocking and filtering and also meets the CIPA and BECTA compliance requirements.

Fortiguard Application Control: Fortiguard application control is available via the Fortinet Fortigate, which allows the organizations to provide easy control application usage. It also makes sure that the compliance requirements are set up along with the security improvements. The application control service is responsible for providing users with real-time visibility into the applications. The Application control provides the control access of specific categories or applications, adding of custom applications, custom views, visualizations, and reports.

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Cyber attacks and security attacks are becoming common in the organization, as businesses deal with sensitive data. Hence, the organizations are implementing the best security methods, security firewalls and products to maintain the security and protect from the malicious attacks. An individual needs to gain an idea about the importance of security along with the different security options, encryption strategies, products. As we are living in a world of advanced security, we must ensure that we are developed with knowledge in the particular area. Hence, I would suggest you get trained and certified in Network Security to advance your knowledge and grab the opportunities ahead.

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