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Facets Course Overview

Facets is a fully integrated health-care payer administration solution that is tailored to the specific needs of managed health plans. For healthcare payer organizations, Facets can be thought of as a one-stop service centre. Facets are adaptable, so it can accommodate both large and small plans. The health insurance business has been given new directions thanks to Facets' claims processing platform. The Facets system automates and streamlines critical business functions across the enterprise, including member enrollment, premium billing, claims processing and customer service, helping payers decrease administrative spending while improving both healthcare and business outcomes.

HKRTrainings delivers the best industry-oriented Facets Training course and offers an in-depth knowledge of how to properly process claims using Facets workflow for enterprise solutions. This Facets Certification Training Course provides the content required for learning Facets which incorporates the concepts such as understanding HIPA, overview of facets, opening and closing facets, integration and custom development, facets messages, configuring the extensions, data modules, etc. During this training period, you can get full support and real-time project assistance from experienced professionals. Enroll today at HKR for accepting the new challenges to make the best outcome out of our Facets Online Training Course.

Facets Course Content Download Curriculum

The goal of this Facets Training Course's curriculum is to equip trainees with a firm knowledge of Facets. Our Facets Course Content includes all of the most recent guidelines and keeps learners up to date on current developments. Take a look at the following course modules to increase your Facets knowledge.

1.1 What is Health Insurance and why is it required?

1.2 Understanding HIPAA

2.1 Managed Care( HMO, PPO, POS)

2.2 Medicare

2.3 Medicaid



3.3 Capitation

3.4 Co-pay

3.5 Co-insurance

3.6 Fee-For-Service

3.7 Deductible

3.8 Limit

3.9 COB

3.10 EOB

3.11 Procedure codes

3.12 Diagnosis codes,

3.13 Accumulator

3.14 ICD with examples wherever possible.

4.1 Introduction to Facets

4.2 Facets modules

4.3 Facets implementation - Common work streams

4.4 Facets Architecture

4.5 Facets Naming Conventions

4.6 Data dictionary and Screen mapping to Facets

4.7 Facets Attachments

4.8 Facets Extensions

4.9 Auditing functionality

5.1 Open Facets (sign-in)

5.2 Maximize Facets Windows

5.3 Close Facets Applications

5.4 Close Out of Facets (sign-off).

6.1 Facets Extension

6.2 FXI

6.3 Batch Jobs, EDI, and Integration

6.4 HIPAA Gateway

6.5 Reports

7.1 Facets Source Code Maintenance

8.1 Application Groups List Box

8.2 Applications List Box

8.3 Open Forms List Box

8.4 Open Button

8.5 Exit Button

8.6 Switch To Button

8.7 Close Form Button.

9.1 Free-Form Field

9.2 Drop-Down Field

9.3 Grid Table Field

9.4 Integratable Grid Field.

10.1 Dialog Box

10.2 Pop-up Menu

10.3 Sections List Box

10.4 Static Area

10.5 Grid and Text-Out Areas

11.1 Information Messages

11.2 Question Messages

11.3 Warning Messages

11.4 Error / Critical Messages

12.1 What are Extensions?

12.2 Types of Extensions.

12.3 Configuration of Extension

13.1 Accounting Applications Group

13.2 Applications Support Group

13.3 Billing Applications Group

13.4 Capitation/Risk Allocation Applications Group

13.5 Claims Processing Applications Group

13.6 Commission Applications Group

13.7 Criteria Maintenance Applications Group

13.8 Customer Service Applications Group

13.9 Dental Plan Applications Group

13.10 Dental Provider Agreement Applications Group

13.11 Medical Plan Applications Group

13.12 Medical Provider Agreement Applications Group

13.13 Pricing Profile Applications Group

13.14 Provider Applications Group

13.15 Subscriber/Member Applications Group

13.16 Utilization Management Applications Group.

14.1 Diagnosis Codes Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Diagnosis Codes Effective and Termination Dates
  • User Warning Messages Section

14.2 Place of Service Description, Medical Application

  • Indicative Section

14.3 Procedure Codes Application

  • Indicative Section

14.4 Revenue Codes Application

  • Indicative Section

14.5 User-Defined Codes Application

  • Indicative

14.6 Explanation Codes Application

  • Explanation Section

15.1 Parent Group Application

15.2 Group Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Address Section
  • Billing/Cap Info Section
  • Class/Plan Section
  • Related Entities Section
  • Policy Information Section
  • Rate Data Section
  • Subgroups Section
  • Claims Pay Hold Section
  • Incoming Accumulators Section
  • Contacts Section
  • Notes Section
  • Attachments Section
  • TCS Letters

15.3 Subgroup Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Address Section
  • Class Section

15.4 Subscriber/Family Application

  • Subscriber Section
  • Members Section
  • Addresses Section
  • Subgroups Section
  • Class Section
  • Eligibility Section
  • Eligibility Inquiry Section
  • Payment Information Section
  • Auto Actions Button/Section
  • Fam. Accum. Ptr Section
  • User Warning Messages Section
  • Members Section
  • Medicaid Section Tab
  • Provider Relationship Section Tab

15.5 Enrollment Application

  • Subscriber Section
  • Modeling
  • Member Section

16.1 Plan Descriptions Application

  • Indicative Section

16.2 Product Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Business Info Section
  • Component Descriptions Application (Application Support Application Group)

16.3 Product Application

  • Components Section
  • Variable Components Section

16.4 Product Components

  • Administrative Information Application (AIAI)
  • Automatic Action Criteria Application (MCRD)
  • Automatic PCP Assignment Application/MCPA
  • Benefit Summary Descriptions Application
  • (Application Support Application Group)
  • Benefit Summary Application (BSBS)
  • Coordination of Benefits (COB)
  • Rules Application (CBCB)
  • Duplicate Claim Rules, Medical Application (DUMD)
  • Indicative Section / Indicative Section Tab
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Information Application (EBCL)
  • Processing Control Agent Application (PCAG)
  • User Warning Message Descriptions Application
  • User Warning Messages Application (WMUD)
  • Warning Messages Application (WMWM)

16.5 Service Conversion

  • Service Code ConversionTOS Codes

16.6 Class/Plan Definition Application

  • Indicative Section

16.7 Service ID Descriptions Application (SEDS)

  • Indicative Section

16.8 Service/Procedure Conversion Application (TPCT)

  • Indicative Section
  • Matching Criteria
  • Service/Procedure Conversion and Service/Revenue Code Conversion
  • Linking procedure codes in the Service/Procedure Conversion application

16.9 Service/Revenue Code Conversion Application (RCCT)

  • Indicative Section
  • Supplemental Revenue Code Conversion Application (SRCT)
  • Indicative Section

16.10 Supplemental Conversion Qualifier Group Application (SCQG)

  • Indicative Section

16.11 Supplemental Procedure Conversion Rules Application (SPCR)

  • Indicative Section

16.12 Supplemental Revenue Conversion Rules Application (SRCR)

  • Service Conversion Hierarchy

16.13 Service Pricing

  • Service ID Descriptions Application (SEDS)

16.14 R&C/Schedule, Medical Application (IPRS)

  • Indicative Section

16.15 Service Pricing Application (SEPC)

  • Indicative Section

16.6 Service Definition Application (SEDF/AGSE)

  • Indicative Section

16.7 Deductible Rules

16.8 Product Application

  • Variable Components Section

16.9 Accumulator Descriptions Application

  • Deductibles and Limits sections

16.10 Deductible Rules Application (DEDE)

  • Indicative Section

16.11 Service Payment

16.12 Service Rule Definition Application (SESE)

  • Indicative Section

16.13 Service Payment Application (SEPY)

  • Indicative Section

16.14 Service Related Parameters Application (SERL)

  • Indicative Section

16.15 Limit Rules

16.16 Limit Rules Application (LTLT)

  • Indicative Section

16.17 Product Variable Components

16.18 Product Application

  • Variable Components Section

16.19 Eligibility

16.20 Plan Descriptions Application

  • Indicative Section

16.21 Class/Plan Definition Application (CSPI)

  • Indicative Section

16.22 Plans Section

16.23 Stop Ages/Waiting Periods Application (GPAI)

  • Indicative Section

16.24 Subscriber/Class/Eligibility – Membership Structure

16.25 Eligibility in the Enrollment Application

16.26 Eligibility Inquiry Section

17.1 Facets Claim Flow

17.2 Medical Claims Processing Application

  • Entering a Medical Claim
  • Indicative Section
  • Line Items Section
  • Medical Claims Processing Section Tabs
  • Line Items Section
  • Medical Claims Processing Menu Options
  • Coordination Of Benefits Dialog Box (COB Button)
  • Match UM Reviews Dialog Box (Match UM Button)
  • Override (Overrides Button)
  • National Drug Code Dialog Box
  • Claim Segments

17.3 Hospital Claims Processing Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Hospital Admit / Discharge Date Warnings
  • Line Items Section
  • Hospital Claims Processing Section Tabs
  • Line Items Section
  • Claims Inquiry Application
  • Medical Section
  • Viewing Detailed Claims Information
  • EOB/Remittance Section
  • Benefit Summary (F6)
  • Claim View
  • Limit Contributing Claims (Alt+V+L)
  • Related Service Accums (Alt+V+R)
  • Processed/Translated Codes / Diagnosis or Procedure (Alt+V+P+D/P)
  • Claims Inquiry Application
  • History Section
  • Notes Section
  • Payment Reductions Application
  • Line of Business Application
  • Hospital Claims Processing Application

17.4 Claims Processing Application (Claims Level Override)

17.5 Provider Application (Payment Info Section)

17.6 Member Accumulator Application

17.7 Accumulators Section

17.8 Family Accumulator Application

17.9 Accumulators Section

18.1 Provider Related Entity Application

18.2 Common Practitioner Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Affiliations Section
  • Certifications Section
  • Professional History Section
  • Languages Section
  • Malpractice Coverage Section
  • Registration Section
  • Sanctions Section
  • Relationships Section
  • Practitioners Section

18.3 The Practitioner Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Addresses Section
  • Capitation Sections
  • Common Practitioner Section
  • Covering Providers Section
  • IPAs Section
  • Networks Section
  • NPI History Section
  • Out of Network Section
  • Payment Info. Section
  • Programs Section
  • Provider Groups Section
  • Referral Provider Section
  • Sponsoring Section
  • Tax Information Section

18.4 Provider Group Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Facilities Section
  • Practitioners Section

18.5 IPA Application

  • Indicative Section

18.6 Facility Application

  • Indicative Section
  • Accreditations Section
  • Beds Section
  • Staff Section

18.7 Network/Plan Structure

  • Network Application
  • Indicative Section

18.8 Component Prefix Descriptions Application Indicative Section

18.9 Network Set Application (NWST)

  • Indicative Section

18.10 Network Set (NWST) Structure

  • Indicative Section

18.11 In-Area Bypass ZIP Code Pricing/Payment Logic

18.12 Network Set and Product Variable Components

18.13 Product Application

Variable Components Section

18.14 Network/Provider Structure

18.15 Provider Applications

  • Networks Section

18.16 Agreement, Medical Application (AGAG)

  • Indicative Section
  • Related Prefixes

18.17 Service Definition Application (AGSE)

Indicative Section

At HKR, we provide practice tests at the end of the course along with Facets Interview Questions, community questions and answers, Facets Tutorial, Sample Resumes, etc to crack the interview.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Facets Online Training Objectives

HKR training offers you comprehensive Facets training with an aim to provide you with real-world skills. This Facet course will be delivered by the real-time mentor and makes you expert in handling health-related payment and insurance tasks. Our trainer will make you understand all the essential modules such as Healthcare terms, indemnity plans, types of fields, Facet data modules, etc. With this course, you will also gain the knowledge to clear the Facets certification exam.

The main objective of this course is to make you master in the below areas: 

  • Facets extension
  • Criteria maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Adjudication
  • HIPAA gateway
  • Outbound claims file

Following are the professionals who can advance in their career by learning this course:

  • System analysts
  • IT business analysts
  • IT quality assurance experts

As such there are no prerequisites to join this course. Anyone who is interested in a prospective field can join this course. 

Upon the successful completion of this course you will be able to: 

  • Gain  overall knowledge of Facets features 
  • Understand Facets Architecture and its functionality 
  • Learn the process to manage the system effectively
  • Able to establish benchmarks for an employee performance
  • Acquire troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

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Getting certified in Facets will bring you a lot of opportunities and advantages. Having qualified Facets certification boosts your employer, customers, and colleagues confidence in you and depicts that you have acquired all the critical skills. Employers are preferring to hire certified Facetes professionals.       

You will receive all the assistance you need to clear your certification form the HKR training. Moreover, at the end of the training, you will be awarded the course completion certification. This certification is valid across all the global organizations and acts as proof that you have mastered this domain.  

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Facets Projects

We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

Product Shell and Components linkage are incorporated to set up a new product in facets from ground level. The current products and affected tables in Facets should also be updated.

Develop a new facets agreement with Qualifiers and Terms from the ground level. Facets' current Agreement and affected tables should also be updated.

Develop a Claim on Health

Develop a Claim on Hospital

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