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Cyber security is the process of protecting computer systems from unauthorised acess. It is one of the most important thing that every business needs to take seriously. As technology increases hackings also increasing which affects businesses of all sizes. Every company must be aware of the dangers posed and keep themselves secure. Organizations transmit sensitive data across networks and to other devices in the course of doing businesses,for which unauthorized access could have negative consequences. It is the practice of defending networks and data from malicious attacks. There are six important tools and services that every business needs to consider to ensure their cyber security as strong as possible. They are


firewall is a device for security which have control on incoming and outgoing network traffic. It establishes a barrier between a trusted network and an untrusted network. It analyze incoming traffic based on preestablished rules and block traffic coming from suspicious sources to prevent attacks. It guards traffic at ports where information exchanged with external devices.However, this also may impact throughput capabilities and the applications they can support. It's main function is to prevent unauthorized access to private networks.Firewalls can either be software or hardware, it’s best to have both. any data which was present either the data from inside or external. It achieves this by careful observation of each and every action takes place and objecting those that fail to meet security rules.

Antivirus Software 

which is also called as antimalware which is used to identify and remove malware. It is used to identify  and abolish  computer viruses and gave protection from other computer threats like malicious,BHOs, browser hijackers,backdoors,rootkits,ransomware, keyloggers. advanced persistent threat (APT) and botnet DDoS attacks. Antivirus software has some drawbacks also. It can impact computers performance.It protects you from becoming a victim of cybercrime, it does this by blocking computer viruses with their anti virus protection features. It keeps your data safe from being corrupted which will save your time and efforts it can save you a lot of money as well. Antivirus software is used for the process of detecting and removing of computer viruses. It is one of the best aplication to protect our computers from viruses.

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PKI Services

It's main purpose is to facilitate the secure electronic transfer of information for network activities such as e-commerce,internet banking and e-mails. Some criticise it as costly venture for small businesses. It protects the communication between server and the client. It uses two cytographic tools namely the public key and the private key. The public key is the key used by all the clients of the server but the private key is secured and is only used by server which protect the information from being theft. It uses both symmetric and a symmetric encryption both have their own strenths. Symmetrical encryption protects the single private key. A symmetrical encryption uses two keys both a public key and a private key. It requires different elements for effective use such as a certificate authority and a registration authority. It functions because of digital certificates.A public key infrastructure relies on digital signature technology, which uses public key cryptography.

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Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR)

MDR is the best application for those companies with lack of resources to be more cognizent of risks and improve their ability to detect and respond to threats. It may sound similar to managed security services but there are some distint differences such as coverage,compilance reporting,the humantouch, Incident response.It is for those companies who don't have time and resources. It provide you a team of experts at the cost you can afford. They not only detect and analyze the threats but also prevent them. They can help your organization deal with advanced attacks. It uses providers own set of tools and technologies. The provider will be responsible for managing and monitorising these tools. The tools are placed to protect internal gateways and to detect threats that have passed parameters of security tools.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test also called as pen test is used to evaluate the security of the system. This test not only reffered to as vulnerabilities but also enables a full risk assessment to be completed. This process forms a goal by identifying target systems and reviews available information and undertake varies steps to attain that goal. The test target may be white box or the black box the the grey one which is the combination of both white and black. A white box which provides background and system information, a back box which provides only basics. Penetration test uses several standard frameworks and methodologies.It's process includes five phases Reconnaissance,Scanning,Gaining Access,Maintaining Access,Covering Tracks.The purpose of this attack is to identify any weakspots which became advantage for attackers. It is the best attempt for the evaluation of the security of an IT infrastuture by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities.

Staff Training

Staff training is not a 'cybersecurity tool' but there is need to make staff aware of cybercrimes and cybersecurity. Because we avoid and solve the problems only when we have complete knowledge regarding that topic so it is organisation's responsibility to train your staff by conducting awareness programs by experts. When organisations conduct awareness program staff get complete knowledge about cyber crimes and cybersecurity then they are able to identify the problems and solve them by using cybersecurity tools. If staff lacks the knowledge of cybersecurity it leads to many problems. They cant understand problems at begining and got confused which creates more problems if they neglet it the problem increases there are many examples of mistakes happend only because of employers innocense so it is essesntial to conduct awareness programs and explain them clearly and made them ready to face cybercrimes and able to affend them and solve them by using cybersecurity tools.

Cyber Security Training

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Cybersecurity tools protect sensitive data of organizations while during business. They avoid unauthorised acess to private networks. They protect our computers from virus attacks. They gave security to our computers and sensitive data by taking control and work according to rules, they observes each and every action taking place and detect problems and prevent them.


As technology increases crimes also increased so it is our responsibility to be safe by taking required precautions like cybersecurity tools for cybercrimes.


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