What is difference between Assert and Verify Selenium?


I was working on selenium, though I am just a beginner. I wanted to know as what is the difference between Assert and Verify?

Can someone explain me with an example?



The following are the differences between Assert and Verify Selenium.

Assert:If the assert condition is true then the program control will execute the next test step but if the condition is false, the execution will stop and further test step will not be executed. 

Verify: There would not be any interruption in the test execution even though the verify condition is true or false. Let us take an example as well.

When an assert statement fails then all the other test case after that won't execute. This is a problem, but again its good practice to use try catch block to avoid this situation.

Verify is used in less critical things. Cases where we can move forward even if the other test cases fails.


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