How different/ similar are Protractor and Selenium? Which is better?


I'm currently working on a website developed on AngularJS. We started testing with Selenium WebDriver and the scripts works well. But I was told to use protractor instead of Selenium. Both are pretty similar in functioning but the ONLY difference I found is that, I don't need to use explicit wait to load the webpage. Are there any other differences or advantages or disadvantages i should be aware of?



Let us gain an understanding about the differences between Selenium and Protractor:


1.Selenium works great even if you are testing an Angular JS website, you are only responsible to deal with page synchronization issues. 
2.Selenium provides its extensive support for automation very well. It has been in the market for quite sometime & it has evolved over the years, and its Application Programming Interface is also stable.
3.Selenium is also the defacto tool in the open source market for browser automation.
4.You are allowed to write the selenium code in 6 popular proogramming languages.


1.Protractor is basically an automation testing tool for angular based web pages. But, when you look at its core, it's a wrapper for Webdriver JS. Hence it does not uncover any new vertical in browser automation.
2.Yes, it has certain advantages in case of angular specific locator strategy. It also provides more options to work with Angular directives (i.e angular specific locator strategy).
3.It is also available only for JavaScript. So to work with it, you must know JavaScript.
This is a WebdriverJS, which is new in the market & depends completely on your project requirement and team's skills to use this tool.


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