What are ABAP and SAP?


What are SAP and ABAP? I searched and got a bunch of different acronyms that don't quite make sense.

Is SAP a database engine?
Is ABAP a programming language?
Or are they nothing of that nature?

What are they primarily used for?



SAP is one of the companies that provides its extensive support by offering a full enterprise planning resource system, a business platform with all the associated modules like ledgers, financials, etc.

ABAP is also one of the primary programming languages that is used for writing the SAP software and customizations. ABAP runs within the SAP system.

Both SAP and ABAP will abstract the database and are also responsible for running the different underlying database management systems.

SAP also produces other things and also has the capability to produce a J2EE container and hence SAP is ABAP through and through.


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