SAP Kernel release in SAP


Where in a SAP stored Kernel release and her SP level? Table or file



The Table CVERS consists of the kernel level( also called as release) while the patch level (extra release) for the available components.

You will need to analyse the code source for the status/ other info.


                 ID 'TABLE' FIELD kernel_version-*sys*.

in module "MODULE get_kinfo OUTPUT." in file LSHSYO01

where kernel_version is defined as

DATA: BEGIN OF kernel_version OCCURS 0,

      key(21) TYPE c,

      data(69) TYPE c,

   END OF kernel_version.

after the call, table kernel_version-sys contains the following data

SAP version        700

operating system  AIX


kernel release      700

database library  OCI_102 (

kernel compiled    AIX 2 5 005DD9CD4C00 May  2 2010 21:44:17

kernel patch level  254

supported SAP vers. 700


hot package level 18


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