How to integrate SAP and SharePoint via SAP PI?


I am not familiar with SAP, but my latest project is to combine SAP and SharePoint Portal via SAP PI; SAP PI will be used to automate the data flow between SAP and the SharePoint Portal...I didn't find enough valuable information on the web. Could someone give me ideas on this, or tell me where I could find this kind of information?



There are different ways available regarding the Sharepoint to SAP integration. Everything depends on what you want to try the data. As there are a different number of approaches available, let me list out the different approaches. 

1. Building your own approach which involves small changes in the SAP but also provides or exposes access to the SAP on SP and vice-versa.

2. One other way is the development efforts with heavy customization of SAP and SAP environment to force the integration.

3. Also provides SAP’s out of box limited approach for SAP integration.

4. Includes a pre-built scenario implementation that requires the installation of the third party software and configuration of the SAP and SP.


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