Issue in UiPath tool and getting error message and not able to run the sample mail test

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

HI All,

I am not able to run the process in UiPath (RPA tool) and i am getting error message as "Get IMAP Mail Messages: Invalid credentials (Failure)". I have entered valid credentials but still facing this issue. Please help me in resolving this issue as i am new to this tool and i have just started with it.



You can rectify the error by checking the following things: 

1. You need to check the username and password of the user that is mentioned in the property panel of the IMAP mail activity. 

2. You will need to ensure to turn on the "Allow secure apps" in your Gmail account settings and try to check the workflow. 

3. You need to make sure that the IMPA is enabled. 

Below is the screenshot that will help you check for the options.


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