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My question involves summing up values across multiple columns of a data frame and creating a new column corresponding to this summation using dplyr. The data entries in the columns are binary(0,1). I am thinking of a row-wise analog of the summarise_each or mutate_each function of dplyr. Below is a minimal example of the data frame:









> df

   x1 x2 x3 x4 x5

1   1  1  0  1  1

2   0  1  1  0  1

3   0 NA  0 NA NA

4  NA  1  1  1  1

5   0  1  1  0  1

6   1  0  0  0  1

7   1 NA NA NA NA

8  NA NA NA  0  1

9   0  0  0  0  0

10  1  1  1  1  1

I could use something like:

 df <- df %>% mutate(sumrow= x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 + x5)

but this would involve writing out the names of each of the columns. I have like 50 columns. In addition, the column names change at different iterations of the loop in which I want to implement this operation so I would like to try to avoid having to give any column names.

How can I do that most efficiently? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



You can do this in two ways. One option is to some down each column like below.

df %>%

replace(, 0) %>%

select_if(is.numeric) %>%


You can also sum up each row like below.

df %>%

replace(, 0) %>%

mutate(sum = rowSums(.[1:5]))



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