How to delete the first row of a dataframe in R?

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I have a dataset with 11 columns with over a 1000 rows each. The columns were labeled V1, V2, V11, etc.. I replaced the names with something more useful to me using the "c" command. I didn't realize that row 1 also contained labels for each column and my actual data starts on row 2.

Is there a way to delete row 1 and decrement?



To remove rows, you can use the negative index. Use the below command to remove the first row in your data frame.

data <- data[-1, ]

This will delete the 1st row. And your row 2 will become the first row.


If you are reading the data from a file, it is recommended to use header = TRUE while you read data into a data frame. It will consider the 1st row as headers.

df = read.table('<file>', header = T)


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