Which azure certification should I go with?

Microsoft Azure

I aspire to be a Azure cloud expert. when I researched a little I found that there are a range of azure certifications that are provided and recognized by Microsoft. I am confused as to which azure certification should I go with?



If you are new to Azure, I strongly recommend you to take the “Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals” certification first. This certification validates the skills of the basic concepts of Azure. This will be the best certification for a developer. The next certification depends on your background(technical field) and which domain you are willing to get certified in. It is always advisable to take a certification that goes in line with your present job role.


If you want to unleash your potential in this competitive field, please visit the Microsoft Azure course page for more information, where you can find the Microsoft Azure tutorials and Microsoft Azure frequently asked interview questions and answers as well.


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