Several errors occurred during data refresh.

Microsoft Azure

I've placed a report on my Report Server. Users can view this report. But: my scheduled refresh doesn't work. It gives me the error "Several errors occurred during data refresh. Please try again later or contact your administrator."

I've contacted our administrator. He thinks it has something to do with the rights for the Service Account I used. You can see the connection was tested successfully. In my ETL I see that the refresh has started but it seems it can't finish the refresh. And that may be because of the rights for the Service Account.




Connexion successful here refers to the network connection, which is operational, but there is no guarantee that the current user will read the source data. First, you will need to check out the sa_capp account if it has the read right on the source database. If you are referring to the Microsoft SQL Server analysis, you need to add a sa_capp account in the role with a read authorization. With respect to the Live query connexion, a scheduled refresh is not required.


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