How do I start with Azure DevOps?

Microsoft Azure

How should I start with Azure DevOps? please help.



To start with azure devops, you need to sign up with a Microsoft account. Below are the steps to be followed.

1.Click on the sign-up link available for Azure Devops.
2.Enter the required details like the phone number, email address, skype ID, etc. You will also Azure devops as a benefit if you have the subscription to Visual studio. You can use the account that has a subscription and click on the next option.
3.Enter the sensitive information like the password and sign-in.
4.You need to click on continue to get started with Azure devops.
5.You also need to note that there is no need to create a project if you are newly creating one. If you are signing in using an existing account, you need to click on creating a new project option and following the on-screen instructions.


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