How do I assign a role to a particular user using the Azure portal?

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I am an amateur in Azure. I want to assign a role to a specific user giving a few permissions. Is it possible to use Azure RBAC using the portal?



Below are the steps to be followed to assign a role to a particular user using the Azure Portal.

Step- 1: Click on the All services option and select the Azure portal's scope option. You can choose different options like Subscriptions, resource, resource groups, management groups, etc.

Step- 2:  Click on the specific resource as per your requirement.

Step- 3: Click on Access control (IAM).

Step- 4: You will need to navigate the Role assignment tab to view the different role assignments available at the scope.

Step- 5: You will need to click on Add followed by add role assignment, which will open up the add role assignment pane. If you do not have the permissions to assign the roles, you will see that the role assignment option is disabled for you.

Step- 6:You will need to select the role available like Virtual Machine Controller from the role drop-down list.

Step-7: You also need to select the user, group, managed identity and service principal. If you do not see any of these options, you can type in the select box and search in the directory.

Step-8: And finally you need to click on Save and save the role assigned. Within sometime, you will see that the security principal is assigned as per the selected scope.




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