Azure DevOps and its need?

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I started exploring DevOps on Microsoft Azure. What I am unable to comprehend is the need of Azure DevOps? Why is exactly is it needed & what is this service? Any suggestions/views would help!



Azure provides the ability to connect to an Azure VM from the putty or command line. The command that can be used to connect to the VM is,

$ ssh -i <Private Key Path> <Azure User>@<Public IP>

Azure Devops is one of the platforms that helps the developers in delivering the services to provide their extensive support to the organization, to work with, plan and collaborate the same on the code development along with building and deployment of the applications. The developers are provided with the Azure cloud where they can use it for work or, they can also use the Azure Server. Azure Devops Server was also called Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Azure Devops is known for its features that are paving the way to be the best among the different platforms available. Below are the services available by Azure Devops.

a.Azure Pipelines: Azure Pipelines are responsible for building and releasing the services to provide the support to continuous integration along with customer satisfied delivery of the applications.
b.Azure Repos: Azure Repos are responsible for providing the Git repositories or Team Foundation Version control in order to have control over the code.
c.Azure Boards: Azure Boards are designed and developed to provide support planning and tracking of the work done. It also helps in identifying the code defects and issues or concerns that arise using the Scrum methods or kanban.
d.Azure Test Plans: Azure test plans are responsible for providing several tools that help in testing the applications which include both manual testing and continuous testing. 
e.Azure artifacts: Azure artifacts help teams in sharing the packages from public and private services, and are also responsible for integrating the package is sharing into the pipelines.


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