Why Python is used in machine learning than Java?

Machine Learning

Can anyone tell me why Python is used in machine learning than Java?



Python is one of the trending languages used in the current level of advancements and technologies. It is important for us to know the importance and also the need for using Python in Machine learning rather than using Java. Here are some of the primary reasons listed below.

Python has come up with the set of libraries that are used in machine learning easily. Some of the libraries include PyBrain, ScikitLearn, NumPy, SciPy, etc.
Python is one of the languages that has beaten up the other traditional languages. Python also allows us to do math easier when compared with the different programming languages.
Among all the languages available, Python is one of them which is used to write the programs in the Map-Reduce Model when working in the Hadoop ecosystem.
Spark is one of the new and trending technologies which is responsible for performing the scalable big-data analysis also includes the machine learning libraries which are in Python language.


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