What are some real-time applications of Machine Learning?

Machine Learning

Hi Guys,

I am a beginner in ML field and I want to know some of best real-time application of Machine Learning which are used in our daily life.

Can anyone give some use cases so that I can relate?



There are many real-time applications of Machine Learning which would help us gain insight and understanding. Below are a few of them.

1.Social Media: Social Media application like Facebook includes automatic friend tagging suggestions. In Facebook, Facebook makes use of the face detection and image recognition feature to detect the face from the person who is matching as per its database. Based on that, it suggests tagging the person based on the deep face.
2.Google Maps: Google Maps helps you in finding the best route, despite the heavy traffic. Google Maps application uses Machine learning as Google Maps uses the history of the data of the particular route collected over time and tricks.
3.Transportation and Commuting: Transportation applications like Uber use machine learning as these applications track the location and also provide the personalized application, also providing options to go to any frequent place along with ETA prediction.
4.Product Recommendations: When you search for the products and do not buy, you will see the ads. This happens due to the tracking of the search history, which is one of the coolest applications of Machine learning.


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