Why do you think online marketing is preferred to offline modes?

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I went for an technical interview and suddenly the interviewer camp up with the question" why do you think that online marketing is preferred on offline modes"? That time I was totally into a different zone so could not answer properly that question. Can anyone suggest some proper reply to this?



Offline modes require time and effort to reach the message to customers. Online marketing gives the stage to reach a larger audience. It is easier to touch base with people even from different geographical locations. You can roll out a product to millions of target customers online easily. Customers can immediately get in touch with you if they have questions. Online marketing produces remarkable results with less money and less efforts. We will also have tracking tools to see which business ads are seen by customers through which search engine, which websites are visited often, etc. These are the reasons why online marketing is preferred these days.


This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the interview.

The most important advantage of using online marketing is, it is impossible to overcome the capability of customer outreach. It also involves reduced expenditure both of time and money.


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