What is landing page in digital marketing?

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Could someone tell me what is a landing page in digital marketing?



A landing page is any web page that a customer lands on when they click on an ad, or a link email, etc. It is different from a homepage or any page of your website. They only serve a specific purpose for a specific campaign. A landing page usually collects user information in exchange for a special offer or a deal. A website can have one or multiple landing pages that target different customers. A landing page can have click through links to navigate to the website home page, lead generation, etc.


Most of us think that the landing page is the home page of the website. But it is actually not. A landing page is referred to as a page that has a purpose- to make a sale or capture a lead. It is referred to as a single page that is used in digital advertising so that the potential customers have the page to land on or after they click an ad or post.


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