Is SEO a bad choice as a long-term career?

Digital Marketing

I've finished my 12th class and I am planning to join an SEO course. I asked a few people working in the IT industry and they told me that there is no career in SEO in the long run. Is this true?



I would say SEO is one of the right choices for a long term career. SEO in today’s world is a very vast field, offering many jobs to individuals to enhance and improve the career to a more considerable extent. Most people provide their feedback that SEO is exciting, and of course, it is. This is one of the fields attracting many individuals from different fields like Software developers, web designers, social media marketers, copywriters, hardware support engineers, etc. There is a high demand for an SEO expert in the current era of living and advancements. SEO is also helpful for individuals who are driving their own business or running an agency. SEO includes Web Designing, Content Marketing, Graphic Designing, Link Building, Social Media Optimization, Keyword optimization, Keyword research, etc. To gain a better understanding of digital marketing, click here.


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