What Is Devsecops?


Please explain in brief about DevSecOPS.



DevSecOps is one of the practices or philosophy that involves integration of security practices within the DevOps processes. DevSecOps involves the process of creating Security as code culture, providing a flexible collaboration among the security teams and the engineers. DevSecOps is referred to an advanced model that maintains a primary goal to bridge the traditional gaps between the security and IT teams to ensure safe and faster delivery of the code. Hence, DevSecOps follows two main goals- secure code and speed of delivery.

DevSecOps includes multiple advantages like:

Provides agility and greater speed to the security teams.
Provides many opportunities for quality assurance testing and automated builds.
Helps in determining the vulnerabilities in the code.
Capable of responding to the changes and needs fastly.
Improves and provides the communication and collaboration among the different teams.


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