unfork github-how to unfork the github repository?


How to un fork a Github repository?

I have never seen unfork option. Does anybody know how to do that?



If you want to unfork your repo without deleting the repo, clone your repo first.

git clone --bare https://github.com/{username}/{repository-name}

Delete the main repository in settings.

Create a new repository with the old name {repository-name} in https://github.com/new.

Now push the code to the new repo.

cd {repository}.git 

git push --mirror https://github.com/{username}/{repository-name}


Github does not have an unfork option. However, you can always delete the repo that you have forked. 

Open your repository and go to settings. Scroll down and click on 'Delete this Repository'. Enter the name of your repository and click on 'I understand the consequences, delete this repository'.


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