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I am using Git Bash on Windows 7. We are using GitHub as our repository origin.

Every time I push or pull I have to provide user and password credentials. I know that my SSH keys are set up correctly, otherwise, I would not be able to access the repository. (That is, once I enter my credentials the push/pull works correctly.)

I have entered

git config --global myusername

git config --global myemail

git config --global github.user myusername

git config --global github.token mytoken

But I am being asked for credentials each and every time I push/pull.




If you do not want to access GitHub repositories without giving your credentials, Git has a credentials system that can help you with this. The 'store' mode will access the credentials from a text file. Add your credentials to a text file and give it to the git command as follows.

$ git config --global credential.helper 'store --file ~/.credentials-file'


When an HTTPS URL is used for accessing the GitHub repository, it will ask for a username and password. It does not ask for the username and password for the SSH URL. You can check the config file of git using the below commands.


git config -e

If it has an HTTPS URL, replace it with SSH.


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