git login command line-login to github from command line with multiple accounts


I opened a new GitHub account to separate my biz vs. personal repository.

Now, I git init my local repo and git add remote origin <the repo https url>

I try to push and it seems to always take the credentials of my original account, not prompting me for the credentials for the new account.

I tried using the URL format with


but that doesn't seem to help: I still get an error that the credentials are invalid for the original account username.


How do I login with multiple sets of credentials or how would I somehow reset the original credentials to force password prompt when pushing?




The only way I managed to push right now is by specifying the in the url in the git push command 



The git has a credentials system that can help you with this. The cache mode will save your credentials temporarily for about 15 minutes by default. You can configure your credentials in the cache using the below command.

git config --global credential.helper cache

If you want to increase the timeout, you can set the time in the following way.

git config --global credential.helper "cache --timeout=1800"


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