Copying files from host to Docker container


I am trying to build a backup and restore solution for the Docker containers. How can I copy files from the host to the container?

Appreciate the help.



The cp command works similarly to the SSH SCP command. To copy a single file to your docker container, you can use the cp command in the following way.

docker cp file-name-in-host mycontainer:/file-name

If you want to copy multiple files, just specify the folder in the cp command.

docker cp source-folder/. mycontainer:/destination-folder


To copy files from the host to a docker container, you have to set the path of the file location in your localhost. Then set the path of the docker container to the location you want to copy the file to. Use the below copy command in the following way.

sudo docker cp /home/username/folderName/fileName  (containerId):/(destinationLocation)


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