What are the roles of a data scientist

Data Science

What are the roles of a data scientist? I feel its important to know before starting a career in that field.



The roles and responsibilities of a data scientist are listed below: 

1.A Data scientist is responsible for identifying the problems in Data Analytics that provide opportunities in the organization. 

2. A data scientist is also involved in analyzing the data to identify the trends and patterns, also involved in interpreting the data to identify and discover the solutions and opportunities that would bring better success. 

3. A Data scientist is responsible for determining the data sets and variables, applying and revising the different models and algorithms in order to mine the stores of the large volumes of data. 

4. One of the responsibilities of a data scientist is to collect the large set of unstructured and structured data from the different resources available. 

5. A Data scientist is also responsible for communicating or offering different findings to the stakeholders using other techniques are means, visualization, etc. 

6. A data scientist is also involved in validating and cleaning the data to meet the requirements like accuracy, uniformity, and completeness, which is one of the key attributes for the organization's success.

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