Start a career in data science after studying mechanical engineering

Data Science

I have done mechanical engineering and I would like pursue my career in data science as that seems pretty blooming right now. But is it possible to shift from a completely different background? Also I do not have much idea on programming or coding.



Most of the students have this question running in the minds. I would say that it is possible for the student to get into the data science field after doing mechanical engineering—all the need to have the right skills. As we know that data science is one of the trending and huge domains used in the current era of living, you will need to know the different skills that are important for data science. It would be best if you learned programming as it is one of the important parts of data science. Start learning C language followed by other languages, which will help you in gaining the opportunities in the data of science field. R language and python to other programming languages in data science where you need to be aware of. Apart from that, you also need to learn a few concepts from Data Analytics, data science, big data Hadoop, etc.


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