What is an “Edge Location” in AWS?

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While studying Global Architecture of AWS I have come across this term a few times. But I found it a little difficult to understand. Could someone give me a straightforward and more understandable answer for my question?



Ans: AWS regions will have different  multiple availability zones. Availability zones here refer to the data centers. The datacenter help in establishing the connectivity with low latency with wider reach rate. It is simple to manage the resources that are available within the same region. An edge location refers to the site that the CloudFront uses to perform the caching, copying of the content to provide a faster delivery to the users at any specific location. 

Edge locations are responsible for serving the requests for CloudFront and Route 53. CloudFront is referred to as a content delivery network while Route R3 is referred to as a DNS service. These requests will be going to any of these services and will be routed to the edge locations automatically. 




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