What is the value of BPM? (Business Process management) Is it worth using? In which cases?

Business Process Management (BPM)

can any one tell me What is the value of BPM? (Business Process management) Is it worth using? In which cases? 



I have been working for a couple of years in the field of content management using different products like the IBM products. I would say that I am not satisfied with how business process management works.

According to me, business process management is one of the concepts which I could not implement intuitively. With this, I would conclude that a business user cannot sit down for a span of 30 minutes and create a workflow/process.
I have not seen a non-programer working on creating acceptable solutions.
The business process management also lacks the ability of explaining the BPM to the users and the time taken to work on the BPM is inexpressible or not determinable.
In the business process management, 90% of the outcome includes the document routing and approvals. This is a simple concept that involves the developer can code and implement the solution. If the developer is good, then the implementation can be performed.


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