How is Blockchain programming languages different than usual programming?


being a newbie to Blockchain, I have problem figuring out the programming languages that blockchain supports.

For example, if I m using Solidity to write a program, I wish to know how is it different from object oriented programming languages.

I just want to clear my head as how can I use my programming skills to code something on blockchain?



The blockchain programming language and the other regular programming languages maintain the same syntax which is easier to the new bees too. The programming languages are also blockchain specific. If we consider as example, Ethereum, it has solidity, Serpent Vyper to code smart contracts. However, hyperledger implementation would be represented and written in Java, Go, Python as well. To represent in a simpler context, if you are a good programmer with good coding skills in the traditional programming languages, then you can definitely give a try to involve into the programming part of Blockchain applications.


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