How is Blockchain a linked list?


I am learning about Blockchain Technology and the structure of Blockchain seems to be like a Single Linked list. Can someone tell me if Blockchain is a Single linked list?



Blockchain is referred to as a linked list with some differences between each other. The single linked list comprises the set of the nodes that are interconnected with each other using a pointer. Every node consists of a pointer that will be pointing to the next node in the list.  In a single linked list, it is not possible to perform the tracing back to the previous node from the current node.

Blockchain is similar to the linked list where every block is connected to each other.The flow of trace is opposite to the single linked list in the Block chain. In the block chain, you are allowed to perform the tracing to the previous block till the first block or the genesis block. The primary difference is that the data cannot be altered or erased in the blockchain while the same can be done in the Single linked list.


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