How I can check where the data is actually stored when we deploy blockchain?


How I can check where the data is actually stored when we deploy blockchain? Like If there is a method Add task in my smart contract and I then fetch it as well through bash, my question is that how I can playround with that data? Where actually it is stored in my system or blockchain?



The smart contract in Blockchain is the concept that refers to the business logic of the blockchain. It does not include or contain any values.The data storage related information, like if it is stored or not in the block chain purely depends on the smart contract. Hence, the smart contract is purely responsible to decide if the values will be stored or not in the block. If the values are stored in blockchain, then it would be in two different places.

1. State database: The state database is responsible for maintaining the current state and is used for representing the latest changes or current values that are made to the chain.
2. Ledger: Ledger is one of the places which stores all the transactions related to the chain and is immutable.


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