How can I create a blockchain for keeping records?


I have read a lot about how blockchain could be implemented for other technologies other than crypto currencies. I have a background in development coding and I have forked the go-ethereum source code and built it out on an ubuntu virtual machine. However, I am finding it hard to find discussions on creating blockchains for record purposes. Would I have to build a blockchain and use code to build a user interface to interact with it and instead of sending transactions to the block chain, find other data input to send to the blockchain?



You can utilize the existing Block chain, like Ethereum. Many are making use of the Ethereum block chain network for record keeping with a few ethers as fee.

You can also create your own blockchain by using Hyperledger Fabric.The Fabric allows you to create a private Blockchain, so that you can control the access. From there, you can deploy the smart contract that you require.


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