Blockchain and HyperLedger difference


While I am trying to understand the blockchain technology, I came across HyperLedger Fabric. As per the documentation, it is an implementation of blockchain technology.

What does that mean? Is blockchain just a concept and HyperLeder, an implementation of that concept?

UPDATED: Where does the hyper ledger fabric store the transactions? I understand that it is a p2p architecture and every peer has a copy of the transactions, but usually, these transactions is a growing set. Does every peer have a copy of growing transactions? I am not clear on this yet. Does the community recommend any database?



It is true that the blockchain is an idea for the distributed database.Hyperledger is an implementation of Blockchain technology.Blockchain implementation are: Bitcoin, Ethereum.

The transactions are represented or stored in the form of blocks in the chain.Blockchain is a growing set of transactions. As the size increases, there would be a problem to store the data on every peer because of the increased size. This problem refers to scalability.


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