Would this approach will work as an Agile development project?


My pasts project were always traditional approaches, with predefined requirements and waterfall life cycles. Since I will present the PMP exam this month I am really into its procedures and guides, and now it is also focusing in Agile approach.

My question is, as I mentioned for the development phase I will use an agile approach, using iterations to develop the final product iteratively, do I need to use a framework, e.i. Scrum, or can I only use a "generic" iterative life cycle.

Does this make sense from an Agile perspective? What would you change? I know this sound as Scrum but I don't want to stick to this framework, to avoid doing the daily meetings, use a product owner, Scrum Master.



As per my understanding based on your query, I would say that you are in the right path. You will need to know that Agile is a mindset that is compatible and flexible to work with any frameworks like Scrum. You are allowed to have an Agile mindset via a hybrid approach or a different framework. As you have already mentioned in the description, utilizing ample runaway in digestible bit-size pieces is one helpful way.

I would suggest you to have a review of Agile articles that would help you in gaining an understanding about the different approaches that will help you when working in agile development projects. Agile Scrum methodologies will also provide you with the aspects that you need to have the idea on.


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