What is the most famous and most used framework in Agile methodologies?


From your background, experience, contacts, and study, what is the most famous and used Agile methodology?

Also what is the most valuable Agile certification especially in the Middle East.



Scrum is the framework that is most commonly used in the Agile Methodologies.Agile Framework is a lightweight framework, includes several interactive and incremental software development approaches. Scrum includes two primary roles called Scrum Master and Product Owner. The Scrum master is the coac and gatekeeper. The scrum master is responsible for following the Agile framework, providing the guidance and education to your Scrum team. He is also responsible for removing the distractions which would help the team to work efficiently and effectively.

As for the Agile Certifications, AgilePM, PMI-ACP, Prince2 are the most valuable certifications in the Middle east.


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