What is the difference between Scrum and Agile Development?


How to differentiate between Scrum and Agile Development? Are Iterations and Sprint the same?



I would be happy to explain the key differences between Scrum and Agile Development.

1. Agile follows the continuous iteration process of development and testing during the development of the software. Scrum is an Agile Process which has the primary focus on delivering the business value  within the short duration.
2. Agile Methodology focuses on delivering the software on a regular basis for feedback and accordingly makes the changes based on the feedback whereas Scrum is responsible for delivering the software after each sprint.
3. In the Agile process, the leadership is highly responsible and plays a vital role during the software development while the Scrum comes up with a cross-functional and organized team.
4. The design and expectation must be kept simple enough in the Agile process while the design and expectation should be highly experimental and innovative in the Scrum process.
5. Agile process comes up with collaborations and interactions via face to face mode among the different cross-functional teams. This does not happen in Scrum and the collaboration is achieved via standup meetings on a daily basis.


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