What are examples of Program Management Methodology?


I need some people to help identify Program Management Methodology. For example, when we manage a project, we either choose a waterfall or top-down approach, the SCRUM/Agile methods, critical chain project management.

Does anyone know of a specific program management methodology that I can do research on to apply to a new program initiative?



 I would say that Agile is not a method or methodology to be followed. It is important to apply Agile from strategy formulation to strategy implementation. You need to remember that program management or Management methodology usually depends on the kind of projects that you handle. There are many methods that are available in the current times for handling the different kinds of projects coming up.

Traditional or Sequential Methodologies:

1. Waterfall
2. Critical Path method
3. Critical Chain method

Change Management Methodology: 

1. Event Chain
2. Extreme Project Management
3. Agile and Scrum fall under the same family.

PMBOK is also one of the platforms providing the different kinds of methodologies for managing the projects efficiently.

Other Methodologies: PRINCE2 and PRiSM.

It is your turn to decide which methodology suits your project better to meet the client deliverables and requirements.


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