Does anyone have Hybrid Project Management guidelines?


Most say Agile is the way but we still like Waterfall, so we're Hybrid...I know this contradictory but as methodologies go-so do change.
If we are to proceed with change and our Project Management community is asked to do so than I believe we should have guidelines.
So my question here is "What if any are the guidelines for Hybrid Project Management?"



The term Hybrid in Hybrid Project Management guidelines would define by nature that precludes it from having or defining a set of guidelines.There are three guidelines that are included in the Hybrid Project Management.

1. The management of the hybrid project is done by the Project Manager, responsible for using the WBS construction method.
2. Scrum Masters are responsible for providing their extensible support to the Project Manager by performing  each Agile Sprint.
3. Group collaboration is one of the aspects that is required to perform the tasks related to reporting and analysis.


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