Cloud project management using Agile SCRUM, share experiences


Like to know some information regarding your experiences in terms of running Agile SCRUM on Infrastructure projects.

In terms of best practices and challenges faced. For challenges, how do you overcome it. Kindly propose some recommended strategies and approaches.



Among one of the cases that I have seen, there is a software vendor who is responsible to deliver a new GIS system. Delivering a GIS system includes multiple activities like software development with additional add-on to add the customized features as per the client requirements. The client would like the software to be delivered at one go instead of different phases as it does not make any meaning if parts of it are delivered.

The iteration approach would not really work as it would take more span of time, like an year and the client would not provide or is not willing to provide so long time, not flexible enough to review the features at each sprint.

The vendor has then used Scrum for the development of the software. The vendor management has decided to use Scrum while the customers would like to use the waterfall model. 

The ultimate purpose of using Scrum is to define and prioritize the work, track the same even though you work on this internally and do not deliver to the customer. This kind of approach will work in the IT infrastructure projects as you would be able to define the tasks and perform the same.


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