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Performing data analytics is very important for every organization to achieve success. In the present market you can find different data analytic tools to derive best results from the data. These tools help in analyzing, reporting and interpreting of the data to make better informed decisions. All the data analytics tools comes under on roof i.e business intelligence and which helps different users in the current market. In this blog post we are going to discuss about the tableau, congos, features and comparison between tableau and cognos, advantages and disadvantages of them in detail.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a high end tool for data visualization using it as a business intelligence tool. It simplifies data in an usable and understandable format. Helps to create information in the form of assignments and workflows. Tableau can work with any information and can be organized, semi-structured and unorganized. It can be connected to a lot of other tools like R Programming, Hadoop, etc.

Tableau is a winner visualization technique with a very dynamic market and healthy drag-drop flexibility. Many potential audiences can use Tableau to create additional insight on reports and dashboards.

Why Tableau?

Tableau is a really efficient tool for creating data visualizations very rapidly. It's very easy and simple to use. Tableau can make multiple graphics that give a nice theme to Excel's pivot table graphs. In addition, it can withstand a lot more data as well as provide a set of data computations quickly. People can instantly create visuals and switch between types to easily find the best representation of the model.

Consumers can handle a large amount of data. The operating system is well-organized and enables the perspective to be customized with a few clicks. It's incredibly simple to implement with various data sources. You can generate visual representations for massive quantities of data without collapsing it. It gives companies the capacity to perform pretty complicated data visualization in a very adaptive, drag-and-drop way. 

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What is cognos?

IBM Cognos is also another Business Intelligence (BI) tool that is an internet analytical and monitoring tool. IBM Cognos Analytics is a digital BI platform that provides a set of BI software to meet corporate goals. It enables the customer to create user-friendly detailed information and implement batch processing. It is also an alternative to distribute a report in XML or PDF format. It enables you to view the reports in the XML format.

Cognos Tool combines a variety of products that encourage communication with external third parties. For example, relational databases for SAPs, etc. IBM Cognos provides more significant businesses with features that work for people, agencies and working groups in all mid-size organizations.

Why cognos?

The IBM Cognos framework has self-service features and self-service analytics solutions that bring business customers the capability to operate with business data even though they have no understanding of data mining. In other words, almost no data-related perception with the self-service functionality available in IBM Cognos is required.

IBM Cognos offers a single view of the customer to all company available data via a web-based interface composed of querying, monitoring and online analytical processing. Web-based platform modeling creates data modules that help consumers to use the tool to search for text and revert back necessary details.

IBM Cognos Software position companies with compelling data narrative that utilizes the use of fascinating visualizations, dashboards and graphics.

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Features of Tableau:

Here we are going to discuss the key features of the tableau. They are:

  • Tableau comes with real time data analysis, data blending.
  • It helps to generate interactive dashboards and reporting sections.
  • It collaborates intelligently with various data sources.
  • It provides good and secure data connection across the entire network organization.
  • As the process of data visualizations, tableau comes with advanced chart representation of the data such graphs, histogram, motion and bubble charts etc.
  • By taking advantage of the drag and drop interface, data prediction and analysis can be done easily.
  • It comes with robust security standards to protect both the data and users.
  • It offers customized mobile layouts and provides the most relevant answers to the queries.

Features of Cognos:

Here we will discuss the key features of the cognos. They are:

  • IBM's Cognos increase in information, alerts, and activities in real time.
  • It enables the customers to reconfigure the current information.
  • It's an independent platform, efficient and customizable.
  • It provides much more encrypted information, and the network keeps the data secure.
  • The most powerful data presentation utilizing interactive charts and maps is awe-inspiring.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of most components.
  • Use vibrant cubes Hardware size that provide data such as the number of users, attributes, and members.
  • It makes data supply and monitoring more generous and can handle data sets.
  • Cognos enables functionalities such as real-time monitoring, prescriptive analytics, and scenario designing.
  • Supports large data systems, including Amazon Web Services, Hortonworks,etc.

Comparison between tableau and cognos:

In this section, we are going to compare these two data visualization tools such as tableau and cognos in terms of their features, functionalities and support.

Target market segments:

  • Tableau: Tableau is a champion visualization technique with a very modern interface and easy drag-and-drop capabilities. A variety of different users can use Tableau to create informative dashboards and reports.
  • Cognos: Cognos integrates visualizations, but these characteristics are not the target of the solution. Cognos is a complete BI platform with a wide range of tools for enterprise data experts.


  • Tableau: Platform includes intuitive BI techniques to increase discovery and analysis of data for all kinds of enterprises and enterprise customers. With simple drag-and-drop features, the customer can easily collect and update key data, develop unique visualizations, and share key insight across the company.
  • Cognos: IBM Cognos Analytics is an online BI platform that offers a full range of BI software to meet company objectives.As one of the leading companies in the field of business intelligence, Cognos Analytics offers more than 30 products. Cognos' capabilities include dashboarding, reporting, analytics, scorecarding, and, in particular, data integration.


  • Tableau: Tableau is capable of importing and visualizing large amounts of data that other solutions cannot manage. It lets customers who know the best of their information to dig into their evidence and create queries. The simplicity of use enables the several users who are just not expressly data specialists to analyse the data.
  • Cognos: Cognos allows revealing patterns into communications data for users to instantly explore the relationship of data. When users turn their information into visualization techniques, they have to completely consider the scope in which they are collaborating, because they're a level down removed from the original structured data. In other words, Cognos is a full form of data experts, and analysis techniques are not straightforward enough just to reveal the average users.

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Business Environment:

  • Tableau: Tableau can be used for the assistance of the IT team of the company. For instance, if there is indeed a sales expert who has direct exposure to Tableau and needs understanding into overall sales, those who could create visual effects for the entire sales department without looking for assistance from IT. They still may involve some assistance in finding the Tableau, but they would not have to be specially designed in data analysis.
  • Cognos: Since it's an enormous BI platform, Cognos consumers need to be specialized in data processing. Variety of tools enhance back-end tasks such as ETL process, data management, configuration management and Query language. Tableau will not provide techniques for these tasks, and the user is allowed to manage up their data before viewing through Tableau. 


  • Tableau: Tableau comes with a variety of customer services and data implementation techniques. Here involves IT planning, data migration, data mining and business workflows.Moreover tableau provides its customers with quick start services in order to fulfill their desires.
  • Cognos: Cognos implementation requires the quick discussing and understanding of the requirements and company goals, installation client server, database, ETL configuration, load master data, perform end to end testing solution, also provides remote support for its users.

Customer service:

  • Tableau: Tableau serves its users with 4 categories of support services: complimentary, technical support, the Elite program and the OEM programme. Complimentary covers non-critical problems such as software malfunctions; configuration, initiation and download guidance; basic configuration errors and connect directly to large and small downloads.Tech support is immediately included within the acquisition of a one-year license to address important issues. The Elite program assigns a technical account manager must ensure that your assistance cases are favored adequately. The OEM program is intended for clients who have incorporated Tableau into their software configuration packages. 
  • Cognos: IBM has a rigorous tech support program that integrates training and certification courses and customer support for customers of their data analysis programs, such as Cognos. It provides programs that can be applied to individual roles within a company, and training can be carried out both web and in-person.IBM also includes private courses and highly specialised certifications to represent the expert knowledge that support future employment. Online technical support provides clients direct exposure to IBM specialists who can pose issues or prospective programming errors.

Advantages and disadvantages of tableau:

Here we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the tableau.They are:


  • It provides data visualization in order to perform data blending, reporting and dashboard to gain insights of the important data.
  • With the help of the drag and drop interface, interactive visualizations are presented.
  • By using the tableau large amounts of data can be processed without affecting the output.
  • Tableau supports other scripting languages and comes with a customized dashboard that fits the mobile devices as well.


  • Tableau requires manual efforts in order to create or design multiple fields.
  • It is a very expensive product across huge organizations.
  • SQl knowledge is required to process large data sets.

Advantages and disadvantages of cognos:

In the section, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the cognos. They are:


  • It comes with various data analytical capabilities like BI.
  • It involves analyzing the factual information of the data and anticipates them strategically and implements strategies.
  • It lets people collaborate to develop decision-making networks to knowledge application and start driving toward more intellectual capacity.
  • It claims to support the modification and sharing of IBM Cognos content through the use of functionalities and apps.
  • Enhances efficiency through constructive real-time updates and business processes.
  • It enables users to connect data analysis with business workflow solutions and processes.
  • Endorses the popular RDBMS for handling information related to reporting and content management.
  • It allows users to post files to the protected BI portal.


  • IBM Cognos doesn't really endorse multiple levels of analysis.
  • It's just not supported by Mac OS.
  • Departmental deployments are not accepted.
  • It is hard to learn and not simple to use and enforce for non-technical users.

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Both the tableau and cognos are very interactive BI tools to generate meaningful data insights. One needs to select the best data analytical tool based on the company needs and goals.However if you have any relevant information to this concept not being covered, please do comments below. We will definitely add your ideas to this content.

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