With the advancements in the latest technologies, security has become one of the major concerns in every organization. Hence, security measures and security issues have to be resolved to minimize the risks involved. To maintain the security in the cloud and improve the knowledge in the security field, there are many certifications coming up leading to a confusion on which one to choose and which is the best. Among the plenty of certifications available, we will discuss CCSP and CISSP certifications which are in high demand. As a learner, you will gain an understanding and clear picture on which one to choose that best suits your career. Cloud security training also helps you gain the required knowledge to clear the certification exams.

What is CCSP

CCSP stands for certified Cloud Security professional, the most prominent certification in Cloud Security, well known in the world. The CCSP certification will help individuals to validate the skills and knowledge in Cloud Security and its components, design and architecture, network parameters and operations. Any individual or an expert who has 5 years of experience in network security is eligible to write the certification. Among the five years, the experts should definitely have an 1 year of experience in dealing with the six domains that are available in the CCSP exam.

A CCSP certification will definitely allow the person to stand out of the box among all the competitors and their peers. You will have a keen knowledge of the latest technologies, the prevention methods and the threats that come up in daily life. It also helps you in identifying the opportunities and the transition into different job openings or positions that will be best for you.

Wish to make a career in the world of CCSP? Start with CCSP Certification Training!Wish to make a career in the world of CCSP? Start with CCSP Certification Training!Wish to make a career in the world of Cyber Security? Start with Cyber Security training!Wish to make a career in the world of CCSP? Start with CCSP Certification training!

What is CISSP

CISSP stands for certified information systems security professional, a very significant certification that allows you to improve and enhance your career in the cloud security field. If you attain the CISSP certificate, it means that you are capable of planning, executing and managing the security programs of high standards. To attempt the CISSP examination, you need to have at least 5 years of experience in security and at least one year of experience in the eight CISSP domains.

On the successful completion of the CISSP certification, you will gain recognition and will be prioritized during the interview opportunities. The compensation rates offered to the professionals who are certified in the CISSP is high when compared with the certified professionals in other technologies.

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CCSP vs CISSP – Difference

Below listed are some of the primary differences between CCSP and CISSP.

1.   Time to complete:

CCSPIt takes 120 days to complete CCSP Training

CISSPIt takes around 3-6 months to complete CISSP training.

2.  Domains: 

CCSPThe exam specifically includes 6 domains stating cloud platform, cloud data based security, design and architecture, security operations, application security, infrastructure, compliance, risk and legal modules.

CISSPThe exam specifically includes 8 domains stating asset security, network security and communication, risk management, access and identity management, software development security, security management, engineering and architecture.

3.  Certification roles

CCSP: Below is the list of the roles who are eligible to take up the CCSP training and certification.

o   Security consultant

o   Enterprise and system architect

o   Security manager

o   Security architect

o   Systems and security engineer

CISSP: Below is the list of the roles who are eligible to take up the CISSP training and certification.

o   Security director

o   Security analyst

o   Chief information officer

o   Network architect

o   Security consultant

o   Security manager

o   Systems manager

o   IT Manager/director

o   Chief information security officer

4. Domains:

CCSP: Below listed are the 6 domains in CCSP. They are:

Data security in cloud domain, risk, legal and compliance domain, infrastructure security based domain, design and architecture based domain, security operations applications security domain.

CISSP: There are a total of 8 domains listed under CISSP. They are:

Asset security, engineering domain and security architecture, network security and communication, access  and identity management domain, security operations, risk management, security testing and assessment domain.

5. Prerequisites:

CCSP: Anyone who is interested in getting certified in CCSP has to have a minimum 5 years of experience in which years would be into the field of information security and one year needs to be in any of the domains specified under CCSP.

CISSP: Anyone who is interested or looking to do a certification in CISSP, the individual needs to have 5 years of experience in the security field and  also should include 2 years of experience in two domains of CISSP.

6. Exam format:

CCSP: The CCSP certification examination time is around three hours with a total number of 125 questions. An individual should contain at least 700 out of 1000 to pass this examination. And the questions will be in the form of multiple choice questions.

CISSP: The CCSP certification examination time is around three hours with a total number of 100-150 questions. An individual should contain at least 700 out of 1000 to  pass this examination. And the questions will be in the form of multiple choice questions.

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Comparing Factors - CISSP vs CCSP:

Latest are comparing these certifications in terms of salary, eligibility and examinations.

CISSP vs CCSP - eligibility criteria:

CISSP: The candidate should have at least 5 years of experience in the eight domains that are covered under CISSP. Graduation is also required along with the certification that is equivalent from a recognised list of colleges along with one year of experience.

CCSP: The candidates should have at least 5 years of experience into the information technology field, among which three years should be into the information security field along with one year into any of the CCSP domains.

CISSP vs CCSP: Exam Module

CISSP: The CISSP exam is based on 8 domains that includes asset security, risk management, access and identity management, security operations, security engineering and architecture, etc. The exam includes 125 multiple choice questions with a timeline of 3 hours. 700 points are required to pass in this exam out of 1000 points. The question paper will be available in multiple languages  like English, German, Chinese or Japanese, Spanish and Korean.

CCSP: CCSP exam include 6 domains like cloud infrastructure security and platform, cloud Security operations, design and architecture, data security, compliance risk and legal. The question paper includes 125 multiple choice questions which will be represented in multiple languages like English and Japanese. The timeline to complete this examination is 3 hours. The candidate has to gain 700 points out of 1000 points to pass in this examination.

CISSP vs CCSP : Jobs and roles

CISSP: (ISC)2 is taking up the responsibility to keep the members updated and also the CISSP relevant. It includes a job task analysis which gives a clear idea and picture about the process that is used for performing the tasks for the security professionals who are involved in the CISSP. This will help in examining the candidates with all the relevant topics that are applicable in the real-time along with their responsibilities and duties to be followed by the security professionals.

CCSP: The job task analysis is a systematic approach that has been used by the security professionals to perform their activities efficiently in CCSP. These findings are utilized to keep the examination up-to-date. It will also help us to test the candidates on the topics that they are working on real-time of the task to be performed on a real time basis.

CISSP vs CCSP: salary

CISSP: The experts in CISSP will gain an average salary of 25 lakhs per annum, with an earning between 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum.

CCSP: The experts in C CSP will have an average value of 23 lakhs per annum, with an earning between 15 to 40 lakhs per annum.

CISSP vs CCSP - Opportunities:

CISSP: There is no gender or any race discrimination and all employees are considered as equal for employment without any discrimination.

CSSP: CCSP certification will help individuals gain in depth knowledge on cloud Security, allowing them to utilize the procedures and rules to be followed to maintain the security within the organizations.

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It is your turn to choose this certification to get into the security platform. You will need to have a basic experience required for each certification to get into a professional development into the cyber security field. You need to have technical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge to implement and resolve the real time issues. If you are one of them who is looking to obtain many certifications, then you need to choose CSSP first followed by CCSP and other extensions of CISSP. You can get the best knowledge with the CISSP training and certification provided by us which will pave your way to the test career advancements.

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The  CCSP examination is definitely not a difficult one when compared with the CISSP examination. The CISSP examination is a bit difficult as it keeps testing the candidates' knowledge in a deeper way and it's quite demanding too. It also  tests your patience during the examination.

CCSP certification exam is definitely a valuable examination as it helps you in upgrading yourself from the basic level to an advanced professional. It is also a high paying skill that will help you in gaining a high range of salaries with its increase in demand everyday .

The CCSP examination is quite a challenging examination which takes around 3 hours to complete. It includes 125 multiple choice questions which require at least 700 points out of 1000 points to pass in the CCSP examination.

The CCSP examination is a more advanced certification examination that helps in advancing your career and gives a professional tagline. Also the candidate should have at least 5 years of experience with years of experience into any of the two domains in the CISSP. It keeps testing all the applicants with the knowledge that is required on real-time experience.

It is recommended to take CCSP before taking CISSP because it would give you an idea on the security concepts. If you are capable of handling the workload then you can also take both of the examinations at a time or simultaneously. It is all based on which examination you would like to get certified first based on your choice.

The CCSP examination cost around 599 US dollars.